Professional Blogger, Professional Theme?

Professional Blogger, Professional Theme?

Ever since, i decided that i am going to be a Pro at blogging, i have had too many chat sessions with my friends and fellow webmasters regarding the same. I wanted to know as to what i should be doing to make a start. Surprisingly, the top two answers were unanimous. All said:

  1. “Content is the King”. Well, no doubts about that.
  2. Get a custom design for your blog. A professional one!

Old Theme At SharatJaswal.comWell, i don’t think anyone has any doubts about the first point. Content is the King, and no one can deny that. It’s the very basic thing. But the second point is what made me thought. A custom design for my blog. Well, it wasn’t a problem for sure since i own a web designing company/service. A new design would have been a piece of cake. But what i thought was whether the visitors really look at your design? or they are there for the content you have on your blog?

Well, i think we can’t argue on this topic. Let’s take two sites as example. TechCrunch and JohnChow. TechCrunch has some quality content on the site, but they planned to keep the site as simple as it could be. On the other hand, JohnChow and also ShoeMoney has a great content plus a great design. Maybe, just maybe, the design factor does make a difference.

So what do you think? What makes more impact on your visitor.

  • The Content? Design really does not matter.
  • Or the content plus the design?

The topic is debateful, however there is absolutely no harm in getting a custom theme for my blog. So i have decided to go for it. The new design is on it’s way and will soon be a part of

There is no sneak peek previews at the moment for the them. I have approved the design and it’s been coded. Probably, in couple of days, it will be here on my site. And just for remembering how my present theme looked like (for future reference), well, i am going to attach the screenshot along with this post right there at top. Time to get back to my theme development mode…

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