Review My Blog Design

Review My Blog Design

Finally, I think it’s all been done. The designing and coding part has been over. I had a pretty tough time making the theme work on Internet Explorer 6. All the coders must be knowing, how difficult it is to get your theme right, especially adjusting the alignments and CSS problems one faces, in Internet Explorer 6 web browser. Anyways, now I can say “Been There, Done That!!!!”.

I guess the sidebars and header will continue to fill up day by day. That’s a dynamic thing and would take its own time to complete. Rest all is finished. *I Think*

Now I guess it’s time that I officially announce the new design on my blog. I would like to invite comments, feedbacks, tips, and suggestions from my friends, colleagues, wannabe friends and new visitors on the blog design and the way I blog. Also, let me know if you face any problems with navigation or colors or anything. Critics to a certain extent would be welcomed as well.

So please let your comments flow in! That would be much appreciated. Great thanks!

BTW, Now that you’re here, I would appreciate if you join MyBlogLog Community. Thanks!

Credits For The Theme:
Design By Atif. You can find him on Ally Creations. He is the best designer I have known.
Coding By: Dr. Gauresh. (igauresh at DP). Really very helpful and talented.

Great Thanks to both of you!

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  1. Heya, I really don’t know the previous design but I like the new one.

    I think your sidebar is a bit overloaded but overall is a very good design.

    Best regards,
    Alex Panait

  2. Very nice and professional. Cool design.
    Sexy and rocking. :p
    Way to go. 🙂

  3. Your blog looking great sharat. Keep it up.


  4. Hey sharat,

    Awesome design, i always like Three Column WP Theme but this batter then i saw till now 🙂 like your right side bar “put as many ads and referral as you want” 😉

    Good Luck Mate

  5. I love you blog my friend and so you know I meet you at iguides! Keep the blogs coming and if you get a chance come visit me over at blogengage and submit your articles. It’s a great way to get traffic!

    Again I really like you design well done!


  6. Well, I never saw your old design.

    I think I’m a sucker for colors, LOL. It does look “neat”, though.

  7. First time visitor. I agree with the overloaded statement above, but otherwise I think that the colors and layout are great!!

  8. Thanks everyone for your reviews.

    Alex and Angelika, well there was never an old design. I just started the blog and had temporary theme which is the GreenLeaves in my wordpress themes.

    Michelle, Welcome. Yes, it may be a bit overloaded. I will try to ease out the things sooner. Thanks

  9. Good Design there, btw the about us page is still pending.

  10. Amit, i’m going to do something about that soon. However, the page still looks great 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by…

  11. nice theme yaar 😀 All the Best

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