Blank Screen With Yahoo Messenger 9.0

Blank Screen With Yahoo Messenger 9.0

Blank Screen With Yahoo Messenger 9.0I am not sure since how long i have been using Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 BETA. It’s been long now. But till today it was such a pleasant experience with this wonderful Yahoo messenger.

Today, i was chatting with a friend and all of a sudden, i was signed out from messenger. Well no problems. Has happened before also, wasn’t a big deal!!! So i clicked again on the sign in button and within two seconds i was back online! But this time there was a big problem.

I cannot see any contacts. I cannot add any contacts. It’s a messenger window totally blank, totally white! My friends and Y! messenger buddies can contact me via IM and i can reply to them. But the messenger list is absolutely empty. Anyways, since i needed to contact someone in emergency, i had to manually do so by pressing Ctrl+M and then chose the contact and then chat with him. There is no other way i can see who is online and it’s so damn difficult to contact someone.

I have attached the image showing my present messenger.

Anyways, i searched for it in Yahoo! answers and Google! Many are facing this problem indeed. But there is no solution on the whole world wide web. Some suggested that they downgraded it to Yahoo Messenger 8.1. Well, i tried. Now running the 8.1 messenger, i do see my contacts. But whenever i send an IM, it shows a blank window. No matter what you type, nothing goes past it. Tired of searching for all possible solutions, i just upgraded it back to Yahoo Messenger 9.0 BETA. Problem still remains. Solution still does not exists for me.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime…If you do have any solution for this, then please let me know. And i need Yahoo! messenger. Please do not suggest Trillian or MSN or such service!


Also if you’re facing similar problem, then join my Gang. which apparently does not exists!

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  1. Try clicking CTRL + F

  2. I am not sure what that does Stephen! I tried but nothing happened! πŸ™

  3. I have tha exact same problem, I don’t know what to do. Reinstalling doesn’t do anything to help, and I also use the Ctrl+M technique to use my Yahoo! Messenger so PLEASE if anyone has a clue reply here because it seems to be a nasty problem that doesn’t have much of a solution.

  4. MA, If it helps, i am using an older version of Yahoo messenger at the moment.
    I tried using the previous Yahoo versions, one by one and finally Yahoo Messenger Beta (With Voice) (Beta) ( works perfectly.
    Try finding on net, you will definitely find this version!
    I would recommend you to uninstall the previous version first, reboot your PC and then install this version! Good Luck!

  5. Yeah that’s exactly what I did, “downgraded” from 9.0Beta to 8.0. Now my buddy list shows up, but I really liked the functionality of the new one.

    Why hasn’t Yahoo! fixed this yet!?!?

  6. Well, i think the new version will have this fixed. Yahoo 9.0 is still in Beta, so let’s hope for the best with the 9.0 (Non-Beta) version!
    And yes, 9.0 was pretty cool. After using it, i really hate the version 8.0. Specially the door closing sound, ting tong and buzz sound. They’re irritating!

  7. I have the same problem, I think it is a virus, I tried to find a solution for that, I could not, so if any person can help us

  8. Hussam, i deleted yahoo messenger 9.0 and installed a primitive 8 point something version of yahoo messenger. I recently upgraded it to the latest 8.0.1421 which at present is available for download as the latest version. All seems to be working. I am not yet experimenting again with 9.0 BETA. However as it looks like, i think it should work now.
    Try it and it should work with no problems. πŸ™‚

  9. I am having same issue i was begining to think i was 1 out of a million using messenger having this issue. My issue to is in the messenger convo window. My friends see what i type but i icant see what they type its not the best thing to deal with and of course i have no solution. I am bummed by this one

  10. Yipeeeeeeeeeee issue solved i now have two messengers on my PC but that is ok it works they had to create a whole new messenger for Vista folks we are either special or just very special. Vista strikes again we need a refund on Vista soon lol. Good lluck guys

  11. Dale, I am glad you got the issues resolved! The Vista preview looks fantastic indeed!

  12. Welll the yahoo vista version looks great… but it lacks in features n addon yahoo 8.0 or new 9.0 have.. Its better to stuck with yahoo 9.0 .. its working great.. Infact Yahoo released the final version of Yahoo 9.0(non-beta).. Yupieeeeeeeeeee~!!

  13. Thanks Gaurav. I have already upgraded to YM9.0. All is fine!

  14. On a real guys the creators of Vista need to be sacrificed for technology sacrillege i wished i was using linux or something that has been properly sorted out way too much drama i am disappointed like all the others now. WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA. its now acting like that hot girl next door except she is a Junkie on the worst type of crack

  15. Help! Blank text in Messenger. No one is mentioning this, but the archive text is blank as well. You can see that there is history, but when you click on date… nothing.

    Things I’ve done that have not worked. Deinstall-reinstall. I even went back to old version 7. I also went into Internet Settings and “enabled” all the scripting options. Checked the fonts to make sure it was not white. Changed to different colors as well. Restarted machine. I think I may have a virus or something. I logged into another computer with my yahoo messenger and it worked fine. This is my work machine and I REALLY need it to work.

    Please help. No text outgoing and incoming for yahoo messenger.

  16. Relax Mike. Looks like you really do want it to work desperately!

    Honestly, you have already done everything that i could have suggested. So i am really out of options. There is one thing though, that i know will work 100 percent. Formatting your PC. If you could format your PC and reinstall your Windows XP/Vista or whatever OS you got and then go ahead and install the new messenger. It will work perfectly fine then. Other than this option, i really cant be of any assistance!

  17. Did anyone get this fixed? i tried all the suggestions except reformating this seems to be some kind of script error, that has now taken over my yahoo mail as well. how annoying is this…..messenger was one thing, cause u could always just use webmessenger to im, but mail….now thats a problem, i am using firefox, and only once in a blue moon have to use ie7 i’d completly uninstall it but for some reason some site actully require the use of only ie7. and its not yahoo alone, if it was just yahoos problem seems u’d have this problem no matter where or how u open it, i have both im and mail on my cell phone and they work fine. maybe a yahoo/vista problem? plz help

  18. Christy, it’s definitely not Yahoo/Vista problem because when i had this problem i was using XP.
    Honestly i am very surprised that the problem went on to your yahoo mail. Have you tried clearing all the cache from firefox. I can’t find any reason why Yahoo messenger bug will hit Firefox/Yahoo mail working.
    Do try accessing Yahoo mail from your PC via some other browser probably like Google Chrome, Opera or Sfari. If you can access the mails perfectly with other browser then there is something wrong with firefox.

    As for the messenger problem, unfortunately i was never able to find any solution. However i recently upgraded to Vista. The formatting of PC did the trick and Yahoo Messenger works like a charm now.

  19. Ya. I’m facing this prob too from yesterday. I cant see any thing on my chat screen but my friends can see what i wrote. Plz help me wid this problem today. I knew why people prefer hotmail rather than yahoo . I’m so disappointed with yahoo messenger.

  20. Prajwal, i understand how you feel as i have been through the same thing.

    Honestly, from all the comments here, i can analyze that re-installation of Windows on your PC/Notebook is the only possible n effective solution to this problem. It works for me! πŸ™‚

  21. I don’t know how far you guys have gone into researching the cause for this is where my computer problems started for me.

    An automatic Windows Update downloaded a new Beta version of Internet Explorer. After that none of the Flash in web sites would work no matter what I did. I even uninstalled the beta IE and went back to the current IE and it still didn’t work. I finally found a fix for this. It was only a single setting in the Security tab that was causing the problem.

    “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting”

    This allowed the Flash to work but it gave me a constant “Your computer is at risk” message no matter what I did. I finally turned to installing FireFox instead of IE.

    Now I installed the brand new Yahoo Messenger for the first time ever on this computer and I have a similar problem that you have. I see my contact list but the chat window remains completely blank at all times. Just like you guys, I’ve reinstalled, redownloaded, restarted, played with the IE security settings.

    All in all, I still have the problem with Y! Messenger and blank chat windows. Has anybody here drilled down to what might be causing the problem??

    My personal setup:
    Windows: Vista 64x
    IE: latest with default settings
    FireFox: latest with default settings
    Y! Messenger: latest recently downloaded
    Other IM Apps: Trillian Pro 3.0, Current Live Messenger

    David C

  22. I Fucken agree with you guys! This is pissing me of to no end. I cant even IM my friends that are offline!!!!

  23. I had the same problem but now there is a minor update available for download

  24. Hi Tahir, I am guessing lot of people here are looking for a way out to solve that problem. So it would be great if you could link to the website that provided minor update you found for yahoo messenger. Thanks

  25. My yahoo messenger went blank screen since i register my avast anti virus. I’m using version 9 beta. i tried to reinstall it but still not working. i tried also to remove my avast anti virus and reinstall my ym but still not working.. Can someone help me.. thanks!

  26. Hi Grey. I don’t think Avast Antivirus had anything to do with it. I am certain of that coz i never installed it on my machine and i still faced this problem. The only solution i ever found successful is that i had to format my PC, reinstall my stuff and upgraded to new Yahoo Messenger which is not in BETA.

    One other option is that you can remove the present Yahoo messenger you have and install a primitive Yahoo Messenger Beta (With Voice) (Beta) (Version Search for it. It will work properly however you would obviously miss the new Yahoo Messenger features.

  27. I found this site while researching another problem in Messenger – my own view is updates are conflicting and in some cases uninstalling some of the software required to drive Messenger ( Java – Flashplayer Shockwaveplayer )
    You may have scripting disabled in your Internet Explorer.
    To enable scripting:

    Click “Tools”
    Click “Internet Options.”
    Click “Security” tab.
    Click “Custom Level” button.
    Scroll down to “Script ActiveX.controls marked safe for scripting”- enable
    Scroll down to “Scripting – Active scripting” – enable
    Scroll down to “Scripting of Java applets” – enable
    Click OK
    Click OK

    Still not working ? Update software

    use the links on this page to help update software.

    After updating check you do not have old versions of Flashplayer, Shockwaveplayer and Java running alongside the latest – this can cause conflicts
    Start / control panel / programs
    delete any old versions

  28. The solution to this is non-obvious, but it usually works. Yahoo 9 uses IE for some functions, and thus when IE gets messed up (which is common), so does Yahoo.

    1) Exit completely from Yahoo
    2) Open up internet explorer
    3) Delete ALL temporary files (save your cookies)
    4) On the advanced tab, click “Restore Defaults”
    5) On the Programs tab, click “Reset Web Settings”

    Close IE, then run Yahoo. You should be back to normal.

  29. Ever since i formatted my PC and went Vista way, i haven’t faced this problem.
    For all the guys who are still facing these problems, just let me know if Mickydee’s or Joe Jones’ solution helped you in anyway. If it does i am ready to put the solution right on top of the page with all due credits to the one who solved it.

    Joe, although, your solution is logical, but i don’t think it ever worked for me back then. I have a habit of removing temporary files every now and then. Moreover, my IE settings were all default(s). But thanks for helping out.

  30. Note that my original solution only works for IE6. the settings have changed in IE 7. For IE 7 complete the first 3 steps normally, then open IE tools>options:

    4) On the advanced tab click “Restore Advanced Settings” and “Reset” to restore defaults
    5) In Control Panel open “Add/Remove Programs” and click the “Set Program Access and Defaults” button on the left
    6) click the drop-down arrow to the right of “Custom” and under “Choose a default Web Browser” select Internet Explorer (you can change this later if you use another browser). This resets possibly corrupted IE registry settings.
    7) Click OK and close IE and try running Yahoo again

    If that doesn’t fix it, you may have a permissions problem with the Yahoo files like your friendslist.XML.

  31. Well, we all seem to have the same problem..I think it’s best to downgrade my yahoo messenger then

  32. I have found a solution for this issue, any person has this problem, delete the Yahoo messenger cache ..

    Deleting yahoo messenger cache :

    go to (Start) then (all programs) then (accessories) then notepad, copy and paste the following code on it:

    cd “\”
    taskkill /im YahooMessenger.exe /f
    taskkill /im Ymsgr_tray.exe /f
    taskkill /im yupdater.exe /f
    rd “%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\imvcache\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\logs\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Plugin\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\imvcache\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\logs\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Plugin\” /s /q
    rd “%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Yahoo!\” /s /q
    rd “%AppData%\Yahoo!\” /s /q
    rd “%LocalAppData%\Yahoo\” /s /q
    rd “%ProgramData%\Yahoo!\” /s /q
    rd “%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Yahoo\” /s /q
    reg delete HKCU\Software\Yahoo /f
    reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Yahoo /f
    del “%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\*–*” /f /s /q
    del “%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\*.tmp” /f /s /q
    del “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\*–*” /f /s /q
    del “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\*.tmp” /f /s /q
    del “%temp%\*.*” /f /s /q
    regsvr32 actxprxy.dll /s
    regsvr32 browseui.dll /s
    regsvr32 jscript.dll /s
    regsvr32 mshtml.dll /s
    regsvr32 msxml.dll /s
    regsvr32 oleaut32.dll /s
    regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /s
    regsvr32 urlmon.dll /s
    regsvr32 vbscript.dll /s
    regsvr32 wininet.dll /s

    Then save the notepad name it ( yahoo.bat), the name is not important but the extension (bat) is required, save it on your desktop.

    double click on yahoo.bat , the command prompt window will appear for while then disappear.

    note that for users that have Windows 7 and Windows Vista should do the following:

    right click on yahoo.bat then Run as administrator….every thing is going to work…

    That’s all {*_^} …. Regards..

  33. Check the entries in your Registry for Internet Explorer Security settings
    Hold down the ‘Windows key’ (It’s on the bottom row of the keyboard and has a flag ) and press R
    type in ……….regedit ……….and click OK
    Navigate to IE Security Zones
    > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Internet Settings > Zones
    Depending on your OS you will have an arrow or a boxed + to the left of the folder headers – click on this to expand the folder
    When you reach Zones you should see 5 items
    0 Computer (not shown in IE by default)
    1 Internet
    2 Local Intranet
    3Trusted Sites
    4 Restricted Sites
    I do not have Windows 7 but know 3 who do and have ‘L’ as well – can anyone say if its a legitimate or rogue program?

  34. Very simple go to C:\Documents and Settings\”admin folder”\Local Settings\Application Data then select the yahoo folder and delete it and then start yahoo messenger and logon to it and see it back.

  35. Here’s a solution which will almost certainly solve your problem….

    Click: START
    Click: RUN
    Type: REGEDIT

    Locate: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Internet Settings > Zones >

    You’ll see a number of folders numbered: 0 1 2 3 etc
    Above these you might see another folder there, before that zero folder, with a box type character – delete that .

    Now close and Restart Your PC everything should be fine.

    If not, try uninstalling Messenger and then doing the above then reinstalling

    I found it on a forum. Work for me. It solved my problem

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