ReDesign Gmail, Firefox, YouTube Etc.

ReDesign Gmail, Firefox, YouTube Etc.

Foxkeh You heard that right. Now you can change the looks of probably all big sites by just using Firefox.

If you do not know what Firefox is or if you do not have it then first of all i pity you! Secondly, i think i should help you get one. Click on this foxie and download this wonderful browser. >>>>

Anyways, what all you need is a firefox addon named Stylish. Install it, Enable it and then restart your Firefox browser!

Once you have restarted your browser, you need to visit You will find stylesheets for many applications and websites. Browse your way through and find stylesheets of all the websites you visit to.

I have redesigned the looks of GMail, Google Images, YouTube, Wikipedia, Firefox About Blank Page, Yahoo! and many others… There is such a long list on, you can really find every major site in there!

Installation Instruction: Just visit the desired website’s style page and click on “Load into Stylish”. That’s it. Once you again visit that site again, all the looks will be changed! 🙂

I am adding screenshots of some sites which i stylized. Here are few of them:

Clearly, as you can see, i am a lover of dark colored themes. You can find many more themes in I am not sure, perhaps there maybe other websites providing these stylesheets, will have to find out!

Anyways, there is nothing stopping you now from redesigning your favorite websites like Google, Yahoo, Orkut, Facebook etc! Go Crazy and have fun!

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