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  1. Please tell me the way to attach my pen drive to my in built dzire car nippon audio system. Please tell the way how can i do this?

  2. I’m sorry Praveen, but there are no such cables as Aux to USB, so no, you cannot attach pen drives to Dzire provided Nippon music system. The least you can do is get an iPod and use Aux cable to play it on your system.

  3. Please tell me the way to attach my pen drive to my in built wagnar vxi car nippon audio system. Please tell the way how can i do this? any converter?

  4. Sorry Sunil. But i was looking for some similar thing for a long long time. There is nothing of that sort. You can either but a mini mp3 player and use Aux feature to play the songs. Or you can get a local wireless USB player that goes into the car’s lighter/cell phone charger slot. However quality will be miserable.

    I just got my car’s music system changed. Got a Kenwood. Will be posting the pics soon along with rest of the details.

  5. Background-
    I have bought a 2nd hand Swift vxi last yr [Nov]. the owner has installed an integrated audio system already.

    It was last month that i realized the button lights are not glowing. Can any one confirm?

    Do these lights glow? I have seen them glow in Zxi
    If they do then what is wrong with my system.

    Appreciate your inputs.


  6. Hi Chetan.

    The buttons, certainly are orange back-lit. Not sure if you can call them glow. 🙂

    Just get it checked. Must be a small wiring issue.

  7. I have maruti swift Dzire ZXI, 2011 model, provided with inbuilt music system without USB. Can I replace this music system with new one having USB fwature

  8. I want to by a new one…. Plz help some one

  9. Hello S M Ravindran
    You can get a casing similar to Dzire’s music system’s case for mere 500 bucks. I got one for myself back in the days. And then I installed a Pioneer head unit from the market, that had the USB option, CD/MP3 Player, AUX Player and also comes in with attached microphone so that I could link my phone via Bluetooth and talk via the headphones and speakers to whomsoever. You can get that as well. It will be far better than the stock head unit provided by Maruti.

    As for the new Maruti Dzzire’s touchscreen infotainment unit, I don’t think you can place that in old one’s casing. Better contact your nearest Maruti workshop to clarify.

  10. Hi Amit Das

    By new, do you mean the 2017 Dzire’s infotainment unit? I am not sure that can be done, as the size of the casing totally differs but you might want to take a second opinion with the Maruti workshop.

  11. Sir Maire swift dezire 2011 ki hai usmai purana music system hai usmai mai USB or Bluetooth Kis tarah attach kar sakta hu please .

  12. Hi Ravindra

    I wish yaar ki usme Bluetooth ya USB kaam kar sakti. I used AUX cable. Buy a small mp3 player and use it with AUX cable. Works brilliantly.

  13. i want to change this inbuilt sterio with pioneer touch sterio.
    is it possible to change ?

  14. Yes, it’s possible. You need to look for custom housing frame. That would fit in the original space and you can put in your new stereo in this housing.

    Talk to a good music installer. It’s not a difficult process if the person installing/electrician has a good knowledge of it.

  15. I want the knob for pwr and volume of my car swift 2008 zdi.which comes with the car.what is the price for pls inform.

  16. If any way to connect subwoofer on this music system ? Plz tell me

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