TopSeom and Dr. Stephen Baker Just Robbed Me

TopSeom and Dr. Stephen Baker Just Robbed Me

Consider this as a heads up!

I received a payment from on AllyDirectory for a listing of Dr. Stephen Baker’s website. The listing was added on 3rd June 2008 for the price of $24.95. After checking the site I readily approved it. All went fine. As usual, AllyDirectory started ranking for the keyword and for the site’s URL as well. So we were very much ahead of our promise to bring traffic to Stephen Baker’s website by ranking higher in Search Engines. I mean that’s what we take the payments for! Traffic and little help in SERPS.

Anyways, days passed and finally on 1st August’2008, I received a chargeback dispute in Paypal. TopSeom and Stephen Baker’s credit card company (Unknown at this time) charged back the listing’s price even though it’s clearly mentioned in our Terms Of Service that we will not refund any money whatsoever. Still, you know how Paypal works. It stands dumb and deaf in such situation! I explained the whole situation in Paypal’s dispute! But all fell on deaf ears, blind eyes, whatever.

And now 22nd August’2008, you won’t believe what happened. Chargeback was successful. I lost $24.95. If that wasn’t enough, Paypal charged me $10 as a Chargeback Settlement Fee! I mean, What the hell is Paypal doing! I get a listing in my directory. I approve it, work on it for ranking and then the thief TopSeom and Robber Stephen Baker ask for the chargeback. And PayPal the burglar robs me of $10 as settlement fee.

I would say it’s a nice way Paypal works. It ensures me that we don’t let anyone do chargeback until we investigate. So obviously I believed the m***********. But this is what I finally got from them.

So this is for everyone who owns a directory or is in all praise for PayPal or who is looking for marketing and advertising from or looking for some cosmetic surgery from Dr. Stephen baker……

Paypal Sucks in Chargeback Settlements!

TopSeom is thieves in disguise. Biggest As****** in marketing!

Dr. Stephen Baker: He is not a professional. He is a thief trying unethical and pathetic ways to promote his website. You can well imagine how he will rob you if you get cosmetic surgeries through him. So my advice, DON’T!

I am off to delete this as*****’s listing from my directory. But I am going to attach the proof for all you guys to know what all I do and what I get!

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  1. Have a look at his lustful eyes. the way he is looking at that woman is so disgusting. brings me goosebumps.

  2. Lol 😆
    Yeah Amy, I just had a look at his site and I did see those eyes. You are absolutely right. He can argue that he is trying to focus on patient’s skin but hey….we all know how it is. Don’t we!

  3. WTF!

    That’s sad to hear. One more paypal issue in which paypal gave choice to the buyer!

  4. Why not try to rank for their main keywords with this post and let their visitors know about their deeds 😉 Tit for Tat

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