Something New At Google!!!

Something New At Google!!! is experimenting with many things lately! I have just noticed that Google search has started prompting users for specific keywords as and when we enter the paricular keyword to search.  Of course Yahoo has been doing this since long, but following it was least expected. In any case, better now then never!

Google Search
Google Search

This is a good feature though. Many a times i am searching for Russian sportstars or Italian celebrities and i always end up mis-spelling the name. So this feature is going to be a time saver. Good you adopted this add on Big G. Not innovative but still welcome!

Alright, moving on. Well Google has already announced that it will be retiring Google Adsense Referrals during last week of August, which should happen anytime now. Many webmasters are feeling little emotional saying goodbye to good old referrals. But hey, i am not that bothered, simply because Adsense Referrals had already been retired in all countries except Japan, North America and Latin America, since early January’2008. So i bid’em farewell in beginning of year 2008!

New Adsense For Feeds
New Adsense For Feeds

Other than Adsense Referrals, we did notice New and Improved Adsense for Search few weeks back.  It was followed by Adsense for YouTube units or Adsense Video Units. And then there was this Adsense for Mobile Content which i have really never used. Now comes the Adsense for RSS Feeds. Wow… Google is really onto webmasters now! It just keeps on getting better and better! I really liked the concept of Adsense for RSS feeds. They are placed in the feeds itself. You can place adsense units after every one feed or once in the whole feed. However i am yet to figure it out completely, simply because my account at feedburner is different from the account at Google. They are not migrating the accounts now, but when they should do it, i am sure to go ahead and get this units on my feeds. 🙂

Anyways, i also searched for the thug of Georgetown and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Baker. Google is doing a wonderful thing by ranking my post on Page 1 for his name. I just wish i can rank number one for his name so that he can realize why scammers should not mess with webmasters. Pity! 😆

Alright….that’s all the latest i have got on Google. Keep Googling and keep visiting my blog for some more useless stuff 😉

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  1. Actually, this post at least is not useless stuff! If this is representative of the quality of your posts, you can expect me to visit more often!

    This is the first time that I am visiting and commenting on your blog and wish to compliment you on a good blog.

    I hope to see many more posts on which a non pro like me can comment!

  2. Don’t worry Nicole. My blog is just my personal blog. Not a paid advertising or full of adsense making site. I always write on posts that i am related to or things which i like. Lesser posts but true posts. It will stay that way! 🙂

  3. Amen to that! The latest from the google stable is Chrome! Any comment?

  4. Google Chrome is still in BETA. Saying that i have not yet used Chrome because of this BETA reason will just be a stupid excuse.

    Actually, very honestly, i haven’t had the time to check it out. I have Firefox, Safari, Opera and ,yeah, IE 7 as well. Really no urge ATM for a new browser. I am a firefox lover as you can make out from the bottom advertisement

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