Happy First Birthday!

Happy First Birthday!

Happy First Birthday
Happy First Birthday

Hello friends.

It’s been an year since i launched this blog. So today on 5th October’2008, i would like to wish my blog a Happy First Birthday. It’s been a wonderful first year journey so far. I have made lot of friends and really have learned lot of new things, all thanks to my blog.

I would also like to thank you all for being so supportive, cooperative and such good friends. Hadn’t it been for you, this blog wouldn’t have made it to it’s first milestone. Besides, your comments, your feedback is the driving force that makes me blog. Hopefully the love and bond we share via this blog, will stay fresh and friendly forever.

Thanks everyone once again. And again. Happy Birthday SharatJaswal.com

P.S. Stats for the first year, 73 posts and 198 comments. Most users ever online (at the same time) were 36. Geez, not a bad start for a beginner like me. 😆

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  1. Happy B’day SharatJaswal.com

    You should be updating this blog more regularly 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday…
    May this B’day bring lots and lots of joy and success to ur blog…

  3. Happy Birthday…

  4. Hello. Many happy returns of the day

  5. Happy birthday to your site and congratulations to you too

  6. Got to see some new faces in the comment section this time. I hope the last one is from Aishwarya Rai:)

    Thank you everyone for your wishes. I really appreciate it. And Chetan, i do want to post more regularly but i don’t find many new things to blog about. Beside, this is a personal blog. Had it been a gadget blog i could have posted something new everyday. 😆

  7. Personal blog mainly also has what you like, what gadgets you love to have. So can post more about that in a personal blog too! Isn’t it?

  8. Humm…. Yes! I guess you have a good point.
    Although i have been blogging about Gadgets few times, but all those gadgets were the ones i purchased. You know! Kinda “Hands On” or “First Impressions” posts on a gadget.

    But yes. If i can post on movies that i intend to watch by next week, thn i can certainly post on gadgets that i would love to own someday. Thanks Cheatn. It was a good suggestion!

  9. Happy birthday and my best wishes for many happy returns of the same too. I am sure that this blog will grow and live forever!

  10. Thanks Nicole 🙂
    Well the blog will grow but probably will live as long as i do. Not forever 😉
    Thanks again. I was honestly expecting your comment here!

  11. Happy birth day to SharatJaswal.com and many many happy returns of the day

  12. Congratulations. You have many more miles to go.
    All the best for the future.

  13. Thanks Eva. Hopefully, if you all stay along, i would definitely cover few more miles

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