A New Better Web Hosting Service?

A New Better Web Hosting Service?

Right back in February this year, i wrote something about my new web host “BlueHost“.  The experience has just been okay. I’m somehow not fully satisfied with BlueHost or HostMonster for that matter. Both seems to be owned by the same company. But really who cares about the owner!

So What Problem Am I Facing?

I’m not fully satisfied with the two webhosts i mentioned. I was lured into the deal by the prices they offer. Honestly, i prepaid for two years in advance. Saves me heck lot of amount and other things. But see the irony of it. Looks like i cannot get my money back even if i close them down. So i have to continue using them, just being careful about what sites i decide to put on them. But i am not very happy with them. Also, both of them are little on slower side and they are definitely not giving 99% uptime.

So I Talked To A Friend

I was chatting with a friend of mine, Stuart! He is the owner of Site-Sift.com directory along with many other popular websites to his name. I said i needed some change. A new web host. Someone which can offer me what i really want. So he just popped a site called “McKremie“. He didn’t say much. But at the first look at the site, i noticed that they have something i need. Two Hosting plans, dedicated IP’s, 99.9 percent uptime, and best of all, 100% moneyback guarantee! So if i am not satisfied with it, i have nothing to lose.

Later on, my friend, Stuart told me he owns this web host. 😆 Now that’s the reason he didn’t say anything about McKremie in first place. You see, all great businessman never brag about their sites. Or their benefits and stuff like that. He waited for me to give my true opinion first and then he told me about the ownership.

McKremie Web Hosting Solutions
McKremie Web Hosting Solutions

So about McKremie. Well it has good prices/plans. I would call it easily affordable. If you go through the about us page, you will find the true reason why this web host was started. It’s because of frustrations from other web hosts that Stuart used in past. Understandable! It even does have Fantastico, which is the basic condition for me, whenever i look for a web host. The other major point, it does accept Paypal. A must must have option, as far as my requirements go. 🙂

So i think i have found my new web host. If you are looking for some new web host, then maybe you would like to consider “McKremie“.

P.S. If you are on McKremie’s website, try finding “Top Ten Signs You Need A New Web Host” article via Sitemap. Some point are really hilarious 😆

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  1. I am with wordpress and am quite happy with their services.
    Try out hostgator as well. my friend swears by them.

  2. I do use Hostgator. I have 3 servers with them. It’s not about them. I just needed a new webhost, something which is not HostGator! 🙂

  3. I am quite happy with my present host. I shall however keep McKremie in mind when I look for something new. I like their style!

  4. Prices and features looks good. I shall keep ’em in mind next time. thanks

  5. Thanks Nicole & Steven. My basic motive behind this post was to create some awareness about this wonderful web host! 🙂

  6. Sharat-

    I appreciate you mentioning McKremie Web Hosting. We are in a very saturated market and can use all the help we can get. I believe our customer service will set us aside from others. Most of our growth has come from referrals from our current customers that are very happy with our service.

    Thank you,

    Stuart McHenry
    McKremie, LLC

  7. Stuart, anything for you dear friend. I believe in the services, that’s why i posted about it 🙂

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