Google Messing Up Again

I am really really pissed off with Google. And frankly, I had enough from them. So I am taking out my frustration in here. Coz in any case, if I talk to google, all my talks are going to fall on deaf ears.

For those of who know me as a webmaster. I have four major directories. I do not have much Adsense income and really rely on my directories for my needs. Consider these directories to be my source of bread and butter. About these four directories,  AllyDirectory is the top most but other than that I really love to work on,, and TopDirectoryList.Org. I have built these directories from scratch. Never sold a sitewide or any link. And I just charge for a normal listing, that being the review price. And believe me, these four directories are pretty good. In fact better than million crappy directories that come up every day.

But you know what. Google just penalized one of these directories. Why? Google knows!

I am really tired of Google right now.And I really want to say a lot of small little nice words at the moment. But this blog is supposed to family friendly, so I am just containing my anger for the moment. But you should know, if something happens to me, or if die of hunger someday, blame Google for it. And not me, there are many webmasters who feel the same way.

Directories are websites that really became popular few years back. But as we know it, popularity attracts lot more webmasters. So there came hundreds of directories on daily basis.  But 99% of them are crappy. Useless and a simple way to earn money. On the other hand, we webmasters who really worked on our directories gets insulted by Google, stripped off our pageranks and lose all our rankings. Why? Because Google can’t differentiate good from bad. Because Google lacks the basic knowledge of directories. Why it’s own directory is a copy of DMOZ. And still, they go around penalizing most for duplicate content. Huh!

I did discuss these issues with some fellow webmasters. And you would have to believe one thing that everyone said. Google is a monster who wants to be fed with money every single moment. They have and will go to any limits, to make every single webmaster advertise using Adwords and publish via Adsense.  They don’t give a damn about your life. They don’t care if you are a human being and working hard. They just want money, money, and money even if they have to lay their wall on a webmaster’s grave!

I am sorry but I really think this is very unfair. Had I been rich I would have definitely taught Google some lessons, in some way or the other. And I am almost sure that my blog is going to disappear from Google search engine after few days when someone from Google reads this post. You know, they love to crush every voice that comes up against them. They love to hide their mistakes. So this next Pagerank update, if all my directories are stripped of ranking and pageranks and if my personal blogs are treated in the same way, then you all should know, what exactly happened!

Ah! That feels good. I really needed to take out this frustration, anger, etc. And sorry if you found it boring!

19 thoughts on “Google Messing Up Again

  1. I earn online with blogging online using gaygle adsense and using two directory. My two directory is not penalty by gaygle so am happy. Gaygle is not paying good for adsense this days.

  2. Hi Amit!
    First of all i don’t know why people fear calling Google by their name? Why use a word that sounds like the original name but isn’t? Just for the sake of it?
    Anyways, Your directories are not penalized by Google. Don’t worry. Work hard on them. Make them stand out of the rest. And i guarantee your directories will be penalized.
    As for Adsense, i will agree. They do have a low PPC. And it really is pathetically low.

    Honestly, Google did pretty well like 2-3 years back when their pagerank algorithms were actually working great and was designed by some intelligent men. At that time they had no problems with other people businesses. I meant the paid links advertising thing. But now that beautiful story has gone into history books. Now it’s just the Google world of terror! 😉

  3. Well Sharat dude, that was one main reasons I got off the directories world. Focus on something better. If you feel the directories have the cream to serve you bread n butter, its time you think again & start looking for a better niche.


  4. Nicole, putting the things very simply, Google penalized a site of mine. The site which is a directory that is better than 99 percent of similar sites on the web. Problem is that Google can’t differentiate between good and bad. If my site was better than 99 percent of others then why in world would anyone penalize it? So that’s the reason for my frustrations bursting in this post!

  5. I agree Sharat, Google is none but the monster live on the life of simple surfer. Being webmaster i suggest collaborate with monster and make your living out easily. you cannot harm these peoples !!

  6. I think Yahoo must hurry up on their SE positioning. Google is now monopolizing the net. Monopoly is not so good in any terms.

  7. Nicole, Google is being monopolistic and is trying to take over the world. And even though if they have a grievance machinery, it’s a little useless. As they will not in any circumstances undo something that they have already done. They are like”We can’t be wrong” 😉

    Niks, A.K.A Kawasaki Motorcycles. I am sorry but i have no idea what you said here. Looks a little off topic comment to me.

    Abhishek, as i said before. If i get a chance somehow, i will really teach these monsters some lesson. But even if i can’t, i still will not support something that is utterly rubbish, a public nuisance and wrong in all morals, ethics and whatever…

    Ronley A.K.A TWD Toys, Just guessed your name from your website. The thing is that Yahoo has not done anything in the recent past, even with their search engine, that i or anyone could be proud of. And they have looted me of $35 for a domain which was transferred to some other registrar two years back. So i cannot praise them whatsoever. Google is lot better than them anyways. I do not like Google for some reason based on Ethics and stuff, but otherwise Google is far ahead of Yahoo or MSN and it’s nearly impossible for the other two even catch up on Google atleast for next 10 years.

  8. Oh, Im sorry, I forgot to include my name, but thanks for visiting my site.

    Anyway, about that SE race, I think Yahoo is doing something (at least) this year. As far as I can remember, they do have a press release before regarding the big change they will have this year.

  9. I didn’t find the post boring, but I do wish there was a simple way to reach them, but it seems like the bigger the company gets, the harder it is to reach to them. Unfortunately, I know others share your frustration too, including me.

  10. Ronley, i am not sure i heard about any press release. All i heard earlier was that Google n Microsoft were trying to buy out Yahoo. That’s no big plan.

    Nicole, i didn’t understand the proverb. Am i the destroyer or am i being destroyed by G? And am i mad? 😆 Sorry, am yet to have my morning tea.

  11. Nicole, i hyperlinked the big url for other to read. It was pretty long but it was an interesting post. I feel a little for Google in there as it was really not very fair. But yes, the point does come in question about their transparency to public. And that’s where i think Google lost it.

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