Poker Based Forum Linking To My Directory

Poker Based Forum Linking To My Directory

I am actually disappointed by the techniques people use for link exchange and stuff. Firstly, i don’t believe much in link exchange, yet i constantly get emails regarding the same. The most irritating thing is that all emails have the common tag line that says “We found you website on net and we see it as a highly related niche. We would request a link exchange and we have added your link already to our site. We expect the same from you”. Huh? Firstly, these people should notice that sites like AllyDirectory and few others do not have a single homepage or a sitewide link. So it should be a complete waste of effort mailing such sites. Secondly, when i check their sites, it turns out that both the sites have no relation by far. For my directories, sometime i get emails from fishing based sites, some from golf, some from Malaga travel and so on. Frankly, i am very disappointed with them.

However, this time around i got a unique email for the link exchange which actually made me very very angry.

Here is the copy of the mail:


Recently I visited your website ; while visiting your site I noticed that you link to at this address: (Had the AllyDirectory’s link here). As we are closely related to them, I would love to exchange links with your website, currently there are about 5,000 – 7,000 people per day that go to my site and search for information, Therefore I would to link to an excellent site like yours.

I have taken the liberty of adding your site to my home page: (His Site’s Address) to determine if it is of any benefit to you, if you have a stats program you can check it and let me know. By looking at my stats, it looks like today I have sent you 33 visitors but it may change by the time you receive this email.

Some website owners do not like when other sites link to them so I thought I might ask first. I think the information on your website could be useful to my visitors; and maybe you could receive some extra relevant traffic if you want. Please get back to me when you have a chance to let me know if its ok to link to your website like this.

Have a good week,

Mark (Cannot reveal his full name as i respect his privacy)

The mail technique is surely very unique. But hell no. I haven’t had such stupid mail in long time. Firstly, AllyDirectory and WebDe are both sites owned by me. So his relation technique failed miserably. Secondly 5000-7000 visitors a day, well i had a in depth look at the forum and honestly, i do think he meant 500-700 visitors. Then he says i sent you 33 visitors, well i use awstats and webalizer and i didn’t receive a single visitor from that site. So another failure in the technique. Amazingly in the same mail he contradicts his own sating. First he says that i have taken the liberty to add you link to my forum And in next paragraph he says that some website owners do not appreciate linking this way, so he thoughth he might ask me first. Lol. Please, some one pinch me as i cannot believe this stuff.

What really fumed me is that the concerned site of his is actually a poker forum. That’s right. A gambling forum. And my Ally Directory is right up there, linked sitewide from his forum and that too without a “no follow” attribute. How can someone do this to me, specially when we have never talked even. Now you all know Google. Their stupid algorithms and bots are going to visit that poker forum, see my link over there and penalize me for purchasing link on that forum. nd a link to a good site, from a gambling site is never good. They are considered bad neighbours. Another problem is, that i received the mail on 4th March. Very likely the link was added on the same day. Ten minutes after receiving the mail, i replied him back, politely refusing for the link exchange and requesting him to remove Ally Directory‘s link from his forum. After 48 hours i still see my link there 🙁

I am not sure what to say. Sometime i do feel powerless because of such marketing techniques. Google already has made our life pretty miserable. Last i wanted to see were guys like these. Shame on people who use such techniques for their success and killing my site in the process.

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  1. I personally believe there is no need of link exchange if you have quality !! I suggest you to report this case to Big G !!

  2. I agree with Abhishek. You must report this to Big G. Further, I would not get angry, I would simply laugh and delete the mail.

  3. Abhishek, since it’s weekend, i think it would be good to wait for a while. It’s fair enough to give that guy a chance to remove my link. I just hope Googe bots don’t visit till then.

    Nicole, i wasn’t angry for the email. I get such link exchange on daily basis, that too around 10-15 of them. I simply delete them. However this guy actually went ahead and linked my directory on his poker forum. That’s what made me a little angry 😉

  4. I agree many time waiting is better decision.

  5. Sharat,

    Most of those emails are sent by automated spam bots. I actually just for the heck of it replied to one such email and in response I got an email asking what the URL of my website is. duh!

    And the other email you quoted isn’t unique either. Just Google for “Recently I visited your website while visiting your site I noticed that you link to As we are closely related to them, I would love” without the quotes and you’ll see what I mean.

    Their stupid algorithms and bots are going to visit that poker forum, see my link over there and penalize me for purchasing link on that forum

    This is one thing I really dislike about Google. We can’t control who links to us! And it would be wrong of Google to assume blindly that we have purchased links on those sites. Why don’t you email that person and ask him to remove the link from his website?

  6. Hi Naif. Yes, i realize that the mails are more of a spammy types. However as with this mail the owner did place my link on his forum and it’s not a spam forum. It’s a good poker forum, with just 4 outbound links including 1 of mine.
    Problem however is that i didn’t approve of any link exchange either do i want a poker forum linking to my directory.
    I mailed the owner twice but no replies or action taken yet.
    So i moved up a level an mailed it’s hosting company, i.e. IllusiveCreations. Even if they don’t take an action, i may have to mail Google explaining everything.

  7. I get tons of emails like that and just delete them if they aren’t addressed to my name.

  8. Finally, after four emails to the owner of the web forum and one email to the web hosts, the link has been finally removed.
    Probably it has already done the damage.
    I see no sitelinks for AllyDirectory now 🙁
    Duh? I know it’s not related!

  9. Right on. I hate those emails too! I can’t believe that they really think people will respond well to them, especially if they contradict themselves and can’t write proper English.

  10. Thanks for your comment “Find A Date 2Night”. Also i am sorry for moderating your comment. I had to remove your url as i cannot link to adult websites whatsoever.

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