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Last year, on 10th March i blogged something similar when my Ally Directory became an authority site, i.e. a website that Google shows up in search results with few Sitelinks.

Almost an year later, my personal blog becomes an authority site as well. icon smile Sharat Jaswal.Com An Authority Site

As mentioned an year ago, the term that most webmaster refer to as “Authority” is actually a feature of Google search wherein there are few links shown below the normal search result which are solely meant for the user to browse thorugh the site in a more easy way. “Accordingly to Google, they have a system (algorithm) which analyzes the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users to quickly find the information that they are looking for on your site”. Ohh, i repeated the exact same line in the last year’s blog post as well so that’s some duplicate content for you! icon lol Sharat Jaswal.Com An Authority Site LOL. Sorry Google.

To all those who wonder if getting the so called “Authority” status and so many sitelinks…would this all matter with Google Pagerank in some way or other? Well, the answer is NO!!! Google Pagerank comes with original informative content and how useful your site is to the web as a whole. Sitelinks, Authority, Link Purchase, Advertising etc. on other hand, are all helpful in bringing more visitors to your site. Sooner or later, all webmaster will hopefully realize that Pagerank doesn’t mean much. Traffic is THE factor that you need to make a site successful.

Anyways, this blog post ain’t much informative to many. It’s just a new that i am breaking to everyone who visits here often and dunno about the sitelinks thing. I really don’t know if sitelinks will stay with my blog in future or not. So just for the reference, here is my site search result with sitelinks:

sharat jaswal sitelinks Sharat Jaswal.Com An Authority Site

Sitelinks For In Google

Unfortunately, even after getting sitelinks/authority… Google still asks the question : “Did you mean Sharad Jaiswal?” icon sad Sharat Jaswal.Com An Authority Site

Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Mar 22nd, 2009
  1. Sunny Bajaj says:

    Congrates buddy. But remember sitelinks has got nothing to do with authority. ;)

  2. Congratulation Brother.. Maybe next year I will achieve that same authority status..

  3. Wastehog says:

    Well done dude!! i think it’s going to be a while before i get my site up there like that though. Guess i got some work to do :)

  4. Sunny, i have already mentioned that in my post ;)
    I know sitelinks are not big thing and are not to be mistaken with any “authority”. Yet i believe it is one factor that differentiates my site from rest of many spammy sites for all those googlers.

    Redjeki Dot Net & Wastehog, good luck with your sites and i hope you achieve sitelinks soon.

  5. Wow, it’s cool. Congratulation. I hope someday my site will be like yours.

  6. Congratulation for getting sitelinks for your site.I am still waiting to gain it from Google.

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