Amazing Twitter Facelift

Amazing Twitter Facelift

Twitter has redesigned it’s homepage and My God! It’s beautiful. I won’t say that the old design wasn’t any good but yes it was loosing it’s charm somehow. But i guess this new homepage is lot more useful and attractive. Apart from the design work, what i like the most is the “latest trending topics” feature that you will only find if you’re logged in to your account on twitter.

Almost a month back, Twitter changed the follower and following page from basic style list to AJAX based list which is much more easier to use and good looking. Twitter has definitely grown into something big than what everyone expected. As for me, i always prefer Twitter over Orkut or Facebook, however i still cannot find my friends on Twitter as they are still hooked up to other old social networks. But i guess an year down the line, with more twitter awareness, my friends in India will start using it!

Twitter homepage and signing in process is noticeably very very fast now, compared to old design! I’m loving it! 🙂

Oh! Here’s the old design of homepage and the new much improved design:

Of course you can checkout the new design in action yourself by visiting Make sure you’re not signed in at that moment!

Also, if you ever want Twitter’s profile custom design for just $25, you can contact my designer at And you checkout my Twitter account for an example of our custom designs! Visit Sharat Jaswal Profile At Twitter!

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  1. I still do not have the time to twitter!

  2. Thank goodness they changed it. The color is more solid and easier to wanna look at. The other color was too soft. Now it’s more socially attractive LOL!

  3. Twitter is changing for the better. A pleasure to spend time on it, talking with interesting people!

  4. Looks like I have to prod you again into regular posting Sharat! You have disapperard from view!!

  5. Nah, am still here Nicole! I ain’t going anywhere this time. 😉

  6. I am very new to twitter…with only 14 followers till now…lol!!!

  7. Shraddha, Your twitter followers will grow with time. However, i just saw your tweets. You hardly do any. Talk more to people. Talk more about your site. Let people know who you are…and sooner, you will end up getting hundred of followers if not thousands.

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