Fiat Grande Punto

It's been two and a half years since i bought myself a new Italian car called "Fiat Grande Punto". Recently i haven't been blogging much thanks to Google and how it is on verge of eliminating internet forever, but that conversation has to wait for another day. Also, i have myself to blame as i have not been concentrating on blogging at all in past few years. But hey, as they say, Better late than never. So here is my review and experience with the brilliant car Fiat Punto. I bought Fiat Punto in May 2011. Obviously manufactured by the Italian company, Fiat. And similar to all famous Ferrari, the color for my Punto had to be red. There were other available options but i had my mind set on red color only. I opted for Fiat Punto Dynamic model which is a 1.3L MultiJet Diesel car. It costed me 6.2Lac INR back then. We had other viable options…

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My Maruti Swift Dzire

As my friend Sumit Bahl suggested in my previous post "Maruti Swift Dzire - Owned!"i needed to put some better quality pics of my new Swift Dzire. I took the last pictures with my iPhone. So obviously i wasn't able to get too much quality. But now i clicked some more pics with my Canon IXY Digital 25 IS. No questions regarding the quality this time. :) Here are some new pics: The Pics were originally 3648 x 2736 in dimension. I have resized them to 800 x 600 !! And i will keep on posting more pics, time n time again ;) P.S. I know i am not a great photographer :(

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Maruti Swift Dzire – Owned!

Ha Ha Ha! I got my white Maruti Swift Dzire (Vdi) now! I have been a little late in sharing this news with you all! I finally got my hands on this car on 14th of July. Three days after my birthday. Gosh!!! It was so much waiting for this beautiful car. Maruti Swift Dzire is one of the best available cars in India, that gives such a great mileage beside being pretty impressive in looks and performance. Other close competitors were Ford Fiesta, which gives almost same average but people have had lot many bad experiences with after sale service, plus it was some 80,000 INR expensive than Maruti Dzire. The only other competitor was Renault Logan. Humm, i have nothing to say about it. It gives 3kms more than Dzire do in a litre of diesel plus it was fairly cheaper in price too, but Bad interiors, Bad exteriors, no modification can easily make it look good.…

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Just How Difficult Is It To Get Maruti Dzire

The car in question is a Maruti Udyog product named Swift Dzire. From the past few weeks i have been trying hard to buy one for myself. Preference in colors being White or Silver. Everywhere, every agency i have been to, every person from the company i have talked to, they all said that the bookings have been closed. Maximum time of delivery will be 6 to 8 months. Huh? Now this is unbelievable. Just how much demand a car can have? Earlier, agencies to agencies people said they will get me a Dzire Vdi for an extra 15k bucks premium. Now the premium is 45k. Today, amazingly the replies i got was that the car aint available on any damn amount of premium because there is so much of shortage! So now you know how fast the cars are built at Maruti Udyog Ltd. Production of this car for another 6 months are pending and will definitely increase…

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Barabus TKR: World’s Fastest Car

Alright, i just happened to come across this car's specifications. Barabus Sportscars, a specialty engine and vehicle manufacturer has created the most powerful supercar. The Barabus TKR produces an exotic 1005 HorsePower and can go from Zero to 60 mph in just 1.67 seconds. What's even more interesting is that the car manufacturer says that this car has a top speed of 270 mph.  No kidding, but this does make Barabus  TKR the world's fastest beast on road. Why it's top speed is 20mph more than Bugatti Veyron, which i think was the fastest car till now. Power comes from a 6.0 liter V8 twin-turbocharged with dual intercoolers. The car has a full carbon fibre body and chassis. Further details remain sparse, but the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is £360,000 (668000$).  Worldwide volume is projected to be 300-400 cars over the estimated three-year production run. Arghhh... That's it... This is how the beast looks like:

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