Hey guys! It’s been a while since i shared any good deals with you! Hostgator had a big, and i mean BIG “Black Friday” sale. They offered up to 80% discount on hosting this Friday! I would have shared this awesome offer with you but somehow couldn’t. In fact, i myself got some hosting accounts only just in time, before the sale closed. Many felt that the 24 hour Hostgator Black Friday sale wasn’t enough. And i agree. But you know, yesterday, Hostgator made record breaking sales. And 80% off and 50% off, why won’t they? So Hostgator says that … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Nov 28th, 2010
OIO Publisher
I hope you noticed the six banner set i have placed in the sidebar. Not only does it beautify my blog a little but i am easily able to display some of my own sites and few wordpress themes and web hosting services which i appreciate. I am not using a banner script or any similar plugin on my site. Rather it’s a popular script called OIO Publisher. It’s a wonderful brilliant script which let’s you control your advertising space. You can sell banner space, link space etc directly to your advertiser cutting down the middle man commission. You can … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Apr 9th, 2009
Wonder why? Well here goes the simple explanation. I am kinda privileged customer as i have hundreds of domain at, which many of you might be knowing, is a leading domain registrar. Since i have signed for hot deals and discount coupons from GoDaddy, i often receive their mail with the discount coupons. But this time around, probably a typo or non-deliberate mistake made them look a little foolish 😆 Here is the part of mail i got: “Save on the products YOU want! Whether you’re just getting started on the Web or want to make your existing site … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Feb 4th, 2009