Danyl Johnson Rocks At X Factor Auditions

I am a big fan of music. It's what i do most of the time. I listen to music like 10-12 hours a day. Although i have my favorites with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Def Leppard, Creed, Michael Jackson and many more but that doesn't stop me to constantly look forward to hear new artists who are making their presence felt in music industry. Few months back, Susan Boyle came to the big arena of "Britain Got Talent" and she created a sensation world over with her voice. Unfortunately she bagged second position in the grand finale of the show, but her voice still beats in many hearts. There was another guy whose singing talent was much appreciated. His name is Shaun Smith and he sang "Ain't No Sunshine" by "Bill Withers". I am mentioning him here, as "Ain't No Sunshine" is my one of the favorite songs and has already been re-sung by 100 plus known artists…

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Slumdog Millionaire Kid Goes Homeless

I don't think i need to introduce the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" to you. Few Oscars awards to it's name, this movie has been super hit across the globe. I personally believe that's not entirely true. People here in India do not find the movie too great that it could win an Oscar. A slumdog guy making into riches is not a unique concept. There are hundreds of movies in Bollywood that goes on the same concept and many of them actually are better and much more popular than Slumdog Millionaire. However, I do agree that the innovative idea wherein a guy becomes a millionaire via an actual reality TV show was a new concept, but that does not make it a great movie. I think the Americans and Britishers were overwhelmed with the slums and poverty shown in the movie, which is not a rare sight in India, so that bring in the differences between my opinion and those…

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Welcome Year 2009

I am sorry for such a stupid title to this thread. But since it's the first post in the year 2009, I couldn't work up my mind to get a better title. It's 10 days since I last posted. So I feel sorry for my blog and myself. As Amit Bhawani says, I am creative and talented but wasting my talent. I totally agree with him. So I think, I would be posting more on this blog and other blogs of mine once I am totally fit and good enough to take daily toll of blogging on my health. I recently talked by my ill health in probably last two blog posts. The fact is that I haven't still fully recovered. I am still ill. But I don't want my blog to turn into some kind of health blog, so, I am going to stop elaborating on my health issue and move on to other important things! In entertainment,…

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Heroes : Best Movie This Month

I am just back from the nearby Fun Republic cinema. Normally I do not blog about all the movies that I watch. But I had to blog about this movie in particular. Heroes is not an ordinary movie. It's all about patriotism. It's all about finding the true inner you. Star Cast is huge. With likes of my favorite Salman Khan, his brother Sohail Khan, and the two "Punjab di Shaan" brothers: Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, the movie was bound to do good at box office. Very rarely I find Preity Zinta doing exceptionally well in a movie. She acted like a true Punjabi and I liked it. Dino Morea had a very little role to play in the movie, so I will pass on his acting comments. The surprise package in the movie, however, was Vatsal Sheth. I last saw him in a movie named Tarzan. It was really a forgettable movie. And I thought it was…

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September : Month At A Glance

I am sorry i haven't been blogging, lately. As i see it, there hasn't been a post this entire month. So i thought i would summarize the whole of September in one go. So bear with me. :) Early September : I somehow made it possible to get second day first show ticket of the movie "Rock On". I must admit, it's a great concept, brilliant story, good acting and a fantastic movie. It's a story about 4 guys who started a rock band in their college life (As we all probably did at sometime in college life). Anyways, the college life was good. They thought they had the world on their feet dancing on their music. I am sure every college going chap must have felt that one time or another. However soon they grow up. Realize what hard and cruel world has to offer. So they start their own businesses/ find jobs, etc. Only to go their…

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