Voice Of India, Ishmeet Singh Is No More!

This comes as a shocking news. The recently chosen voice of India, Ishmeet Singh is no more. :( This 19 year old singer, with such great talent won the Voice of India in November'2007. At the tender age of 19, he became famous all over India because of his lovely melodious voice. He was a true star! He was in Maldives on a promotional event with some music company. He was swimming in the hotel pool of Male, Maldives, when under unknown mysterious circumstances, he died. News channels says he drowned in the swimming pool but no one knows the exact reason. Ishmeet Singh, such a young boy with such great talent was truly a gem. He was so much soft spoken, honest, courteous and a handsome boy. He will be truly missed. Rest in peace dear Ishmeet :(

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Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly… (Coupling UK)

Finally, i have reached the last part of "Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly" ;) And i would like to end with my personal favorite of all the soaps i have been watching. It's the "Coupling UK". I have just watched one episode of Coupling US Series and i must admit that Susan is very beautiful indeed in the US series. Anyways, talking about Coupling UK Series, well, i have watched all the four seasons that i have. And i have watched all episodes twice. You really can't get bored of it, Can you? Coupling is a comedy series, kinda sex comedy actually. It's one of the most hilarious soaps of all. There are six main characters. A new guy though was introduced in the fourth season. Let's have a look at the characters before i say more on the series. Here are the characters: Starting with ladies, let's talk about the character Jane Christie. Her role is played by…

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Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly… (Part III)

Hello again. If you want to know what this post is regarding, then you should probably be reading "Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly" and "Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly.. Part II" to get a fair bit of idea. Anyways, moving on from NUMB3RS and LOST i got DVD's of all seasons of the soap called "24". Fox's 24, is one of the most famous, probably the best action category soap being aired on television. It's a story about a federal agency called CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) and obviously as you can make out from it's name, CTU's main motive was to stop any or all terrorist activities in or around U.S. Every season has 24 episodes and all 24 episodes are in real time. It means that every minute in 24 is kinda real time minute in actual day. One episode constitutes the story of one hour in a day and the second episode is the following hour of…

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Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly… (Part II)

Hello again. Last time i talked about a great TV soap called NUMB3RS. If you missed the first part somehow, don't worry...here it is: Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly…. This time i am going to give my reviews on the second TV serial that i had been watching lately. Actually i am finished with it. It's called LOST. Yes, it's a Lost story about some Lost people in some Lost island. Boy, it did make me crazy in the very first episode. I just couldn't resist watching one episode after another and another. It has some beautiful babes including Evangeline Lilly playing as Kate Austen and Maggie Grace as Shannon. There were some other actresses as well but i don't remember much about them...Obviously ;) Okay, there were some actors as well, strong and handsome. Best of all was Josh Halloway playing the role of James Sawyer Ford. Another good actors were Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond, Ian Somerhalder (Boone);…

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Television Soaps Killing Me Slowly…

If at all, somebody is wondering as to where i have been these days and why i haven't been posting regularly... Well, the truth is that i am really caught up with some famous US and UK television soaps, I guess in the last couple of months, i have actually all the seasons of many many television serials, that have actually been released on DVD's. Let's me tell you what all i have been watching these days. Will post about one soap that on daily or whatever basis i can. Right now, let's start with NUMB3RS. NUMB3RS: A fabulous story of young mathematician who helps his brother in solving crime cases with help of maths. That's right...i did say MATHS. Anyways, the brother, Don Eppes, is a federal agent with FBI, Los Angeles, and obviously every episode had a different story. Of course Don Eppes and his superb team would investigate some critical and baffling crime scenes. But they…

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