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Airtel VDSL Router Beetel 777VR1 Modem & FTP Connection Problems

Airtel India has recently started upgrading all of it's old infrastructure to fiber cable structure in the major cities of India. It's not a direct fiber per say, rather what Airtel term it as V-Fiber network. They have basically upgraded from ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) To VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line). In simpler terms, it means Super fast speeds. Yay!! I will like to call it the Reliance Jio effect, that Airtel finally stopped minting money off its customers and started providing some real service that people of India deserved. They had the technology way back, they had the infrastructure, but they lacked the will to provide the best to its customer. Making money was not only their top priority but their only priority. Ever since Reliance Jio came into existence, a broadband war has commenced. Airtel, after years of duping their customers, finally, started providing quality services at the appropriate price. And we the customers, couldn't be happier.…

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OnePlus One Hands-On Review

Hello friends. It's rather been a long time again, since i blogged about something. My blog has been more of a dormant volcano. I have been posting once in a blue moon. I have run out of excuses and the fact that anyone quits blogging like me, is because of "Being Lazy". I try to change every time. I say i will be much regular at posting and sharing my information or reviews etc, but i always fall short of keeping my promises. I am not even sure now, if i should make a promise about the same. Anyways, Life has been good. I got married this January 30th. So life is pretty exciting at this moment. It's a new chapter in my life and i couldn't be happier. Probably the only thing pissing me off at this moment, is editing my profile on all those social networking sites and webmasters sites and forums and changing my marital status…

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HTC One X : Overview

The HTC ONE X has the sleekest design amongst all the HTC phones. The HTC ONE X has the best processor with a combination of HD screen and a classy look. As already mentioned the screen is large and the processor makes it a complete computer that is handy and can be carried around easily. The powerful, useable and slick handset of HTC ONE X is priced according to its best quality. The design is slightly different from the HTC phones that have launched before HTC ONE X. It is a slick design with smooth lines that are a feature of HTC devices. One thing that holds many buyers back from buying it is the size of the phone but then again the large screen is a plus point as well. Ladies might not want such big phone; the HTC ONE X screen is almost 4.7 inches in size whereas the thickness of the phone is 8.9mm. The phone’s…

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BlackBerry Bold 9700

Hello everyone! I thought it was time to update whatever has been happening recently. So i thought why not start with my favorite topic of all. That's right. Am gonna introduce my cell phone to you all. Back in January 2009, i bought the Nokia E71 which i thought was pretty cool. But later in October 2009, it gave way to the Samsung Omnia II GT-I8000. That was phone was sheer beauty but only as far as the looks and the resolution goes. The interface sucks badly and yeah, i got rid of it in December 2009. However at that time there was nothing cool in the market. Either the cell phones lacked that particular appeal or they were way to expensive. So believe it or not, i got myself a 6K INR worth Sony Ericsson Naite. It was just a temporary buy because i had my eyes set on some another phone that time. But believe me for…

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Samsung Omnia II GT-18000

Samsung Omnia II was launched in India on 21st October 2009. I was able to take a look at the handset on the same day at a Samsung showroom, owned by a friend of mine. And the very next day, i sold off my old Nokia E71 and got myself a brand new Samsung Omina II. Looks like i bought Nokia E71 back in January' i guess 10 months was pretty much it. I really have never bought any Samsung mobile in my life, except for that Reliance powered cute white colored Samsung mobile that came with Reliance CDMA connection. Anyways, i won't call that buying, as it was the only available set at that time. I always have trusted Nokia above all. And probably have equally used Sony Ericsson as well. But at this moment of time, Nokia is a big failure in Indian markets. No new models, nothing new whatsoever. It's pretty annoying to see Nokia dying…

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