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Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

I just took my gaming to the next level with the MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse by Logitech. I don't know why but i have always been into Logitech mice since long. It's hard to trust anyone else as i personally believe Logitech is the best in this special area. Besides, i have had my own agendas with another popular brand which i cannot name probably because of brand copyright issues. In the past, i had never given any importance to mouse device whatsoever. I have always bought the ordinary simple Logitech Optical Mouse PS/2. That's the simplest branded mouse available in market. Anyways, the way i use these mice, none has a lifespan of more than 6 months, whatsoever. So this time i decided to get something better. Something mean. Something more elegant.... So i checked up Logitech's website and found some 3 or 4 great mice. My favorite one was a Logitech G5 Laser Mouse but i guess…

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Philips SHP2700 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

I have to admit here that this is my first Philips brand device/gadget that i ever purchased. For displays, i have always trusted Samsung. For audio, Sony has been the only choice. And Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson do well when i have to look for a cell phone. So Philips never made to my list of favorites ever. However this time around, i went on to shop for audio headphones. As i prefer Sony in this case, i went to the best-est Sony retailer and  asked for a full size audio PC headphones. The only available model was Sony MDR-XB300. It is supposed to be an extra bass headphone. Apparently, i could try the headphones as for demo. The sound clarity was crystal clear, bass was as good as zero, and the maximum volume was never satisfactory. It was little disappointing as i had lot of expectations from Sony's headphones. Unfortunately there was just one model available in…

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Web Looks Bigger With SyncMaster 226BW

I had been using a Samsung 19 inch LCD display since last year or so. It was pretty good and i really didn't need a new LCD display anyways. But things turned out in a different way and i had to buy a new monitor. So i went in for a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW. That's right, it's a 22inch monitor. And the web looks bigger now ;) I have trusted Samsung since long and i believe in their display units. I remember my first CRT monitor from BenQ. I bought it for 7000 INR and even though it is 17" inch flat CRT monitor and in perfect health and shape, the resale value for that monitor is not more than 1000INR. So it's still sitting tight in my computer peripherals almirah. However as for Samsung, i am really pleased with the picture quality, the technology, the looks of the monitor and of course, the resale value. As on now,…

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Nokia E71

Last January, i bought an Apple iPhone, which was then known as God of all cellphones. Well, i would have to say it was King of all phones back then. But every King's reign has to come to en end sooner or later. Honestly, i got bored of iPhone. I can point out two reasons at this point of time. Firstly, it was almost an year and i couldn't find anything amazing or any new updates that could have ket me interested. Secondly, me, myself being a music lover expected lot of things from iPhone. I know that no other phone can beat the iPod application in iPhone but what good is it when you can't even hear it loudly and clearly. Few days back, my friend Sumit Bahl bought Nokia E71. The phone looked real thriller compared to iPhone. Plus the quality and volume of music was mind boggling. But the small QWERTY keypad delayed my buying decision.…

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Apple iPhone Velvet Pouch

Sitting idle, thinking what to do...I decided on making another useless post. :D My friend on a recent visit to HongKong, got me this Ultra-Slim Apple iPhone Cover Case or rather an iPhone Pouch! It's velvet i guess... and it has embossed "iPhone" written over it. Totally black and it looks pretty cool. I thought it was a gift. It in fact is a gift. The only issue was that i had to pay for this gift!! Damn!

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