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Canon IXY Digital 25 IS

Canon IXY Digital 25 IS a.k.a Canon Powershot SD770 IS. I recently purchased this small yet powerful digital camera from a Canon Dealer in Hong Kong. This 10 megapixel devil is really very very small, seriously. Let's see some features that i now know about. Canon IXY Digital 25 IS, wherein IS stands for Image Stabilization is a 10megapixel camera and supports 3x optical zoom. It has a small 2.5inch LCD Display and has a slim and a stylish design. The camera comes under the category of Ultra Compact digital camera. Sounds nice :D I checked the resolution today. It's pretty big with max resolution at 3648x2736 and min at usual 640x480. What's most amazing feature of this camera is it's boot time. I pressed on/off button and Tadaaaaannn.... What did it take? Almost 1 second as i can recall. It's good! Anyways...other good feature is that this camera has this Face Detection Technology - well something that shows…

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Got A New Apple iPhone

Since new year, i haven't been blogging really. Usually i would have said that i am getting a little lazier. But not this time. A week back, i bought a new Apple iPhone. And yes, it's really cool. All this time, i was busy playing and exploring this cool gadget. It is truly an amazing mobile phone. iPhone, truly deserves the title that it was given. "Revolution Of the decade". Or probably it was revolution of the century. I really don't remember. I am still getting used to this phone. But there are lot of features which truly amazes me. I really like the zoom in function on images. The ringtones, the videos, the iPod, calling features, etc...everything is really awesome. Yes i truly wished that Apple had put in some more power to speakers. The ringtone volume does not impress me at all. But then we can't expect having everything in a phone. They have already added to…

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Got Myself A Sony Vaio CR Notebook

Well, I haven't been blogging since last two days. If anyone wondering where I had been, well it's a festive season going around in my country. It's a festival called "Diwali" and it's pretty well known all around the globe. It's also referred to as "Festival of Lights". So, since it's a festive season, it calls for a good amount of shopping. So I just got a new red shining beauty. It's my Sony Vaio CR Notebook. It's good looking, it's blazing red and it's fast. The only thing is that it has Microsoft Vista as Operating System. But I am liking it for a change. Yes, it's a little resource hungry, but really goes okay with me. Well, the configuration is not on the higher side. In fact, it's pretty decent. There is an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7250 (2 GHz). 120 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, 14.1" WXGA Display, Clear Bright LCD Lite, DVD, Windows Vista…

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Apple’s Punch To iPhone’s Abusers

Apple has done something that will surely give iPhone abusers a lot to think about. Apple is no longer selling iPhone for cash or anywhere in stores. They say they tried that and they are done with it. From today onwards, they will only accept credit or debit cards. Okay, I guess this will be a sad news to people who used to quickly resell iPhones to make profits. Since few weeks, resellers have had a pretty good time. They were in brisk business, especially on eBay, where you can often see thousand or more iPhones for the grab. And yes, they never sold an iPhone less than $399, which is the usual Apple iPhone's price. So yes, they will be hit hard by Apple's new trick! Since credit sales will make it damn easier for Apple to track down the bulk buyers and iPhone abusers. Good work Apple!

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320 GB Laptop Hard Drives Are Out Now

Western Digital Corp. has announced that they are rolling out the new WD Scorpio 2.5-in. SATA hard drive to computer manufacturers. In fact, they have started shipping it already. This 9.5mm form-factor hard drive is capable of speeds of up to 5,400 RPM. It is capable of storing up to 320 GB and features both one- and two-platter configurations. Of course, we can understand that this disk was designed to accommodate the ever increasing demand for storage space in laptops. Because let's accept the fact. Slowly but surely people are switching to laptops. PC's are gradually dying. So if you have a laptop you will definitely want much more space than what currently is available. 320 GB is not enough though for many young enthusiasts, who are more keen on images, videos, and music, but it's the latest and it's the most space one can have. At least I would definitely be looking out for this HDD coz at…

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