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How To Block Promotional SMS Like AM, DM, VM That Are Not Blocked By DND

We thoroughly discussed as to what is DND and how to activate Do Not Disturb in India on your mobile number. For reference, here is that article again >> How to Activate DND in India and Block Those Spammy Marketing Calls & SMS. There are however SMS that are not unsolicited. In fact, these SMS companies have your consent to send you promotional SMS. It's when you shop at your favorite brands or when you eat at your favorite eateries, the staff will ask for your feedback along with your Name and contact number and email address. This is exactly the moment when you become a part of their marketing system as they store your mobile number in their customer database and thus begin the downpour of the offers and promotions on your cell phone via SMS. These SMS usually have a prefix of AM, DM, VM, IM, AD, MD, VK, AP, HP, etc. Unfortunately, there is no way…

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Block SPAM Calls & SMS! How To Activate DND (Do Not Disturb) Registration in India?

What is DND? Indian Telecom is a gigantic industry with over a billion of subscribers. We stand second after China when it comes to the number of subscribers. Of course, the mobile and telephones have revolutionized how we interconnect with our near and dear ones with such an ease, via the medium of calling or messaging. But at the same time, it has also open gates for various business and marketing executives, to inconspicuously call or message you, in order to promote and sell their business products or services.  While it may be tolerable for some people, but for most, it is infuriating and troublesomeness. To tackle this nagging problem, Government of India and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) came up with the solution called DND, which stands for Do Not Disturb Registry. This solution is not unique or first of its kind. I have been to the United States of America before, and they had the DND…

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50 Cutest Puppies Ever

Puppies are pure magic. They should be the symbol of love. They have the power to change your frown upside down. No matter how depressed or angry you are, one look at these puppies will make you lose that stress and change your mood to joy. I simply adore these beautiful puppies some of which can even sit on your palm. They are cute bundle of happiness sent from heaven.  No wonder they are called "Man's best friend" because they will see you through even the most difficult phases of life. But at the same time, they also have the power to make a strong macho man turn teary and say "Awwww...". One simply can't ignore the beautiful hypnotizing puppy eyes and those cute little yawns. See them in action in my list of 50 cutest puppies pics.  

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Happy New Year 2013

Family, friends and my very dear foes. Wish you all a very very Happy New Year 2013. May this year be a rocking year for you all. May this year fulfill all your wishes. Well, not really all your wishes as i remember a great quote that said "Always leave something to wish for; otherwise you will be miserable from your very happiness." ;) Nonetheless, i specially do wish for a double dose of health and happiness for you in this year. We have already proved the Mayans wrong by being alive at the end of December 2012. Now we better take care of our health. And our ENVIRONMENT (please) because we have lot to live for and Earth's future really depends on the action we take now. So live life the green way. Just be happy and content with your life. Keep the smile, leave the tears. And in this New Year may all your troubles vanish like…

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Photos Of Gorilla Fighting

Remember the mighty old King Kong, the colossal giant gorilla. It sure captured the limelight in those days and became nightmare for few kids. I remember watching the movie when i was a kid. I couldn't sleep for days at a stretch. It was scary. Really scary... Back in 2005, there was another King Kong movie, starring Jack Black and Naomi Watts. Obviously it doesn't scare me anymore. Rather the mighty big Gorillas and apes looks beautiful. The sheer power in those limbs, pumped up chests, they sure look like they hit the gym pretty often these days. :lol: I recently came across few photos of fighting Gorillas. They are like modern day Gladiators, battling it out to prove their dominance over other. And they are HUGE!!! Watch it for yourself...

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