Unsubscribe Promotional SMS
We thoroughly discussed as to what is DND and how to activate Do Not Disturb in India on your mobile number. For reference, here is that article again >> How to Activate DND in India and Block Those Spammy Marketing Calls & SMS. There are however SMS that are not unsolicited. In fact, these SMS companies have your consent to send you promotional SMS. It’s when you shop at your favorite brands or when you eat at your favorite eateries, the staff will ask for your feedback along with your Name and contact number and email address. This is exactly … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Sep 10th, 2017
Do Not Disturb DND India
What is DND? Indian Telecom is a gigantic industry with over a billion of subscribers. We stand second after China when it comes to the number of subscribers. Of course, the mobile and telephones have revolutionized how we interconnect with our near and dear ones with such an ease, via the medium of calling or messaging. But at the same time, it has also open gates for various business and marketing executives, to inconspicuously call or message you, in order to promote and sell their business products or services.  While it may be tolerable for some people, but for most, … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Jul 30th, 2017
Hi, Hello, Salaam, Namaste to all my friends and visitors. Many of you guys must be thinking that i have probably left blogging and web development business, or maybe i am dead or something, and i don’t blame you to think on that lines. It’s all my fault. I was a frequent blogger and as i see year 2010 on SharatJaswal.com, well, one article was posted in January and then two in March and honestly, all three articles were useless crap as well. I wanted to end the blogging business in January but i came back in March. It was … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Sep 2nd, 2010
I’ve been through terrible times in these past three months. I’ve lost a lot. In terms of health, in terms of life and even wealth to some extent. I gave up on my life nearly 7-8 times in last few days but thanks to friends and family, i am still here. I have no big expectations from life now.  I may not be happy or content for the rest of my life. Past 9 years have been one of the most beautiful time of my life. And i simply cannot forget those moments ever. But i guess i need to … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Mar 1st, 2010
Rest in Peace
SharatJaswal.com Rest In Peace: When all is lost. The lost was everything… Last Words : Always listen to your heart. Things will always fall in line for you then. Fall in love. It’s a beautiful feeling. But then respect the love of your partner. True love never dies. You can give life or take one’s just by love. Be strong and always take your own life decisions. It’s never too late to make the things right. It’s always upto you. … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Jan 31st, 2010