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Swine Flu Outbreak

Right back in February 1976, a 19 yrs old, Army recruit Pvt. David Lewis of Ashley Falls, Mass. complained to his drill sergeant that he felt very tired and weak but not sick. 24 hrs later, he was dead, killed by what health officials disclosed as "Swine Flu". Such deadly influenza was last seen in the "Great Plague" of 1918-19 which took almost 20 million lives worldwide. With that disaster in mind, everybody started considering "Swine Flu" as a big scare and epidemic. Apparently, no one could trace where the virus came from back then. Except for Pvt David Lewis, there were no other casualties however his few colleagues did catch the flu, still they remained unharmed. The virus and the story ended with that. Now guess what? "Swine Flu" is back again and it's bigger and better, so to speak. So what exactly is "Swine Flu"? Basically, when pigs get influenza or flu, it is said to be…

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The “Quit Smoking” Revolution

I'm really not sure why i termed this post as a revolution. Probably i feel that such campaigns will bring a revolution in the world and make it a better place to live in, eventually. Anyways, you might have noticed on my blog that the whole blog is about me. The niche/subjects everything has to do with me or things that i own or admire. Probably that keeps my blog as original as one can be. However there is one thing that i received today in an email that i would like to share with you! I am not sure about the copyrights of the following images and the source of these pics as they were sent via an email. Of course copyrights of the images below belong to their respective owners and i have no intentions to misuse them at all and i do respect owners' decision if they want to get them deleted from the following gallery.…

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