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Green Leaves WordPress Theme

Sitting idle, thinking what to do. I decided to start making some new wordpress themes. It's called the Green Leaves wordpress theme. It's a pretty neat and clean theme. Has lot of space. The sidebars and text area are well balanced. Basically, a two column wordpress theme. The theme is not very complex. It's simple, yet sweet....I guess. Know what? Please try this theme. At least once. I would definitely like to hear from you. It would be a moral booster. Thanks in advance. Here is the quick preview of the theme: Preview Link: Click Here. Download Link: Click Here. Credits: Designed by Sharat Jaswal & Wordpress Theme. Green Leaves, being my first theme, i would request people who use it, not to remove the credits from footer.

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Alright, I really do not hurry into things as and when they are launched. It's been almost four weeks since WidgetBucks was launched. All this time, i kept looking for pros and cons. Advantages and Disadvantages, Features, Payouts etc etc. I think i am going to like it. What i have noticed is that WidgetBucks ad units will do much better on products related pages, specially the electronic items or gadgets sites. Yes, i am talking this in comparison to other niche blogs. I've added WidgetBucks on some of my sites. Hopefully i will update you sooner with how well the things are going with WidgetBucks. If you still haven't signed up with WidgetBucks, i guess it's time... WidgetBucks give you a high PPC, infact it beats Adbrite And Adsense (well atleast they say so, i ain't sure.) Besides that you get a $25 bonus in your earnings if you sign up now. Since you got nothing to lose,…

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My Analysis On PageRank Update Oct’07

Alright, Finally the Google pagerank October'2007 is through. I have been through all my websites. And the result has not been very pleasing. The new websites i had gained some PR or other. But old and established websites lost it's PR in a big way, which unfortunately has hit me hard and made me very upset. So has been the case with many fellow members who owned some big and established websites. Again it's a thumbs down for Google PR update. Unfortunately Google algorithms are not capable enough of distinguishig between original and copycat, good and bad, deserving and well deserved, etc etc... After this PR update, i have analyzed few new things which i though Google prescribed for a good site (to get good ranking in SE and PR) but Google failed miserably. Firstly, every single time someone asks as to how to get good rankings, the answer has been "Content is the King" . Well this theory…

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Yahoo To Fix Site Explorer Link Counts

Okay, there had been few problems with the counts for the SiteExplorer results recently. There wasn't a small problem mind you. I'd noticed count of 400K wrongly represented due to some bug making it just 16K. Earlier i thought that Y! also is going Big G's way. But Thanks God it's not! Huff... Message from Yahoo! Search: Recently, some of you noticed changes in counts for Site Explorer results, where the counts were different for logged-in users versus logged-out users. While the counts have been incorrect in some cases, the actual returned results have been correct. However, we did roll out a product fix yesterday and will be rolling out a couple more over the next few days to resolve this difference in counts some of you have observed. Please disregard any counts for inlinks reported by Site Explorer from October 11 through next week. Thank you for raising this issue. Priyank Garg Yahoo! Search Next week.... Well, am…

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Google PageRank Update

O Boy! It's 12:00 Midnight of 27th October'07. I guess i am among the very few people who see the actual PR update happening. It's updated on just two datacenters. Huh? This updates sucks more than any other. Sigh....Google thinks they still deserve PR10. Wash your face and wake up! You have a ridiculous homepage and what stupid algo's you run. Why do you guys think that you deserve a PR10. Huh? Talk about quality mark! This update has not been good for my old sites. Yeah, it's pretty okay for the new sites, but what... PR0 to PR2 or PR3's. Google needs a THUMBS DOWN for this update!!!!!! :( Update: Boooooooooooooooooo!!!! Google gives a PR9 from PR10. Huh? What're you running google? Jealous Algorithms? Huh and a Huh?

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