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Namaste, Apologies And A Promise

Hi, Hello, Salaam, Namaste to all my friends and visitors. Many of you guys must be thinking that i have probably left blogging and web development business, or maybe i am dead or something, and i don't blame you to think on that lines. It's all my fault. I was a frequent blogger and as i see year 2010 on, well, one article was posted in January and then two in March and honestly, all three articles were useless crap as well. I wanted to end the blogging business in January but i came back in March. It was because of you that i came back. The comments, the emails, the instant messengers chats, i wasn't able to stay back, so i did come back. But my mind was somewhere else, all the time. So the third post was nothing but simply a funny email about questions and answers, which i of course rewrote and added to my…

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Simply, The Easiest Quiz Of All

Somethings in life may look pretty easy, pretty obvious. Here is one example of quiz, that might make you think that you know it all. Probably if you just use your common sense, this would look to be the most easy question and answers of all. But is it really so? There is only one way to find out.... I am putting all the questions and then followed by the answers. Just go through the questions one by one, if possible write down your answer and then cross check with the answers that i have written. Afterwards.... I hope you will be honest to yourself and won't cheat. Besides, this is going to be a fun game. Try yourself and then let your friends know about it. :) Alrighty, Good luck to everyone. Here we go: Questions: How long did the hundred years war last for? From which of the animals, do we get cat gut? What is Camel's…

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Hostgator VPS Hosting Or Servint VPS Hosting

I have had hosting accounts with perhaps 7-8 different hosts over the past 4 years. Among all, my favorite always has been Hostgator. Slowly and slowly, over these years i have been moving my hosting accounts from all other web hosts to Hostgator. Before i knew it, i had 5 separate shared server hosting accounts, all at It was going all fine but soon i realized that keeping 5 accounts is not so tidy. And i was paying like $15 a month per account which makes it $75 a month. Surely i could have a lot better single server in that amount of monthly fees. So i decided to get a single bigger and much better server.  I looked throughout Hostgator but could find a thing. There are dedicated server but that would have been a little too much for me. Besides, the hosting fee would have been 300+ bucks with ease. It's not that i couldn't have…

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Probably The Easiest Way To Make Money Twittering

I just joined Sponsored Tweets few days ago, so i won't go into too many details about the payouts and how much money can someone make out of it. I mean, once i get some money rolling into my account from Sponsored Tweets only then i will totally recommend it for you as a "must do" thing. Until then, atleast just join it and begin the process of what could be the easiest way to make money online just by twittering. So what exactly is Sponsored Tweets. Well it's a simple twitter advertising platform, owned by IZEA, which actually connects the advertisers with the tweeters. Simply put, the advertisers, already promoting the product, places the ads on twitter. You just have to spread the word and earn from it. All ethical advertisement/promotion in less than 160 characters, how difficult can it be for anyone? It's simply PPT or we can call it Pay-Per-Tweet program. :) First things first, you…

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Web World Of Insanity

The world has come to a funny point wherein some people will try to sell you anything. Literally anything. Even those things that you already own. Yes, i know it's funny, but a recent incident from a premium domain name seller certainly proves my point. It so happened that a so-called premium domain seller company recently sent me a mail regarding a domain "". At first my impression was, well that's a nice domain, but two seconds later, i was shocked and realized that i am the actual owner of this domain, anyways. The domain is for an actress and a model called Negar Khan. I guess she needs a little introduction as she is pretty famous already, because of her film career, television appearances, modeling and modeling incidents. Anyways, the point is how can this domain company list my domain for sale, without any rights or without any kinda ownership. I am still wondering how will they go…

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