Fraud Alert
The world has come to a funny point wherein some people will try to sell you anything. Literally anything. Even those things that you already own. Yes, i know it’s funny, but a recent incident from a premium domain name seller certainly proves my point. It so happened that a so-called premium domain seller company recently sent me a mail regarding a domain “”. At first my impression was, well that’s a nice domain, but two seconds later, i was shocked and realized that i am the actual owner of this domain, anyways. The domain is for an actress and … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Sep 22nd, 2009
Dead End
I was shocked when i got this mail from John Reese. After so much success with BlogRush, they have decided to shut down the services. I feel sorry for them. They were doing good and there was absolutely no reason to close it down. But they had their own issues and opinions on the same.  According to them, the primary reason behind this decision were the security issues and abusive users who just can’t appreciate good things. Now that the services are closed, only one can realize that BlogRush was here for us, people. Not for anything else. They never … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Oct 30th, 2008
Martina Hingis
Now this news definitely scares the hell out me. Martina Hingis, five time grand slam champion, the tennis star, and one of my all time favorite. Probably one of the cutest female sportstars. She just announced her retirement. I mean what the hell? She is just 27. That’s not the age to retire… Okay, the news has been that she was tested positive for a cocaine test, and that too at Wimbledon. OMG!!!! Well, Martina calls this a “horrendous” accusation. And why wouldn’t she. It’s impossible to believe that she would ever go for drugs. Why would she need it? … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Nov 2nd, 2007