Fraud Alert

Web World Of Insanity

The world has come to a funny point wherein some people will try to sell you anything. Literally anything. Even those things that you already own. Yes, i know it’s funny, but a recent incident from a premium domain name seller certainly proves my point. It so happened that a so-called premium domain seller company […]


Poker Based Forum Linking To My Directory

I am actually disappointed by the techniques people use for link exchange and stuff. Firstly, i don’t believe much in link exchange, yet i constantly get emails regarding the same. The most irritating thing is that all emails have the common tag line that says “We found you website on net and we see it […]


Google Messing Up Again

I am really really pissed off with Google. And frankly, I had enough from them. So I am taking out my frustration in here. Coz in any case, if I talk to google, all my talks are going to fall on deaf ears. For those of who know me as a webmaster. I have four […]

GoDaddy : A Year Behind

Wonder why? Well here goes the simple explanation. I am kinda privileged customer as i have hundreds of domain at, which many of you might be knowing, is a leading domain registrar. Since i have signed for hot deals and discount coupons from GoDaddy, i often receive their mail with the discount coupons. But […]

Fuel Prices

Fuel Prices Slashes In India

I got up early, switched on television an hour later, while having a nice cup of morning coffee! Pretty excited about yesterday’s news of cricket match wherein India beat SriLanka which was a comprehensive win. And then i heard the news that the fuel prices got slashed. Petrol got cheaper by INR 5.00 and diesel […]