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Michael Schumacher’s Advice To Sachin Tendulkar

If someone asked me about my three favorite sports celebrities, it would have to be Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer and Michael Schumacher. In that order. And it melts my heart to see how good they are friends with each other. In recent years, we all have seen Sachin Tendulkar at Wimbledon, supporting Roger Federer. And ofcourse Michael Schumacher and Sachin Tendulkar have been good friends ever since Sachin Tendulkar equaled Sir Donald Bradman's record of 29 Test Centuries. It was then when Schumacher presented a Ferrari to Sachin Tendulkar. And i think ever since we have witnessed a great bond, a friendship between the two greats of sports industry. The seven time world champion, Michael Schumacher, who just retired last year from Formula one, feels that retirement is something that the cricketing icon can look forward to. ┬áIn an email, Michael Schumacher who also had a long and an awesome career, similar to Sachin Tendulkar, had this to say…

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Zenyatta Races For History

I have never ever followed sports like horse racing or polo or rodeo or any similar game. I think using animal for sports or betting on such beautiful creatures is unethical. That's the only reason you probably haven't and probably will not see any other post in my blog regarding these sports. Anyways, i was browsing through some sites and this name "Zenyatta" was all over the place. I had no idea who that was. So without wasting time, i searched Wikipedia. If Zenyatta is famous, there ought to be a page at Wikipedia. I found it and to my surprise, Zenyatta was a horse. According to information at Wiki, Zenyatta, who was foaled on 1st April 2004 in Kentucky, USA, is a racing horse. And she has been undefeated in all her 19 races. I said wow! That's a feat. 19 starts and 19 wins, that's a lot for anyone. Even Formula One or SuperBike Champion do not…

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India Vs. Australia 4th ODI At Mohali

I guess most of the cricket fans would be aware of the ongoing cricket one day international series between India and Australia. Both the teams are considered as the best in cricket and so the rivalry between the two is pretty much obvious. Yesterday, the stage was set for the fourth ODI match between the two great teams. Venue being Mohali in Punjab which is just 15 kms from my home. Mohali's PCA Stadium holds the record for most Day n Night One day matches in whole of India. It's one of the finest grounds in the world. So watching a game between the two best sides in cricket world on the best-est of all grounds in the world was too much of a temptation that one couldn't afford to miss. Specially for a cricket maniac like me. I made to the ground in time to watch the match. I would have to say i have never been in…

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HeartBreaking End For Ferrari Lovers

This post is in continuation to the previous post "Hamilton: The world champion". Honestly, the flag, the championship, it all belonged to Felipe Massa. In the last lap, Massa ranked # 1 whereas Hamilton was ranking # 6. The result would have stayed that way for sure. And it was an easy deserving win for Massa. But suddenly for no reason at all, the then ranked # 4 driver "Glock" suddenly slowed down at the final curve. Slowed enough so that Hamilton can overtake him and take position # 5 which then gave Lewis Hamilton the championship. As soon as Massa crossed the chequered flag, Ferrari crew celebrated and were so excited. But their celebration lived short as after 5 seconds they saw Glock pulling out for Hamilton. They were heartbroken and that's obvious. Anyways, i would like to wish good luck to Glock. May you leave Brazil in good health. He probably forgot that he is racing in…

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Lewis Hamilton: The Youngest World Champion?

Formula 1 is all set for a nail biting finish in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It's the final race today and the stakes are high. The race is so complicated and so much depends on this final race. It is going to be very very exciting. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Driver) stands at number 1 in the ranks, followed closely by Ferrari's Driver, Felipe Massa. Well how close? Too close for anyone's comfort. The difference only being 7 points. If you are new to this game, here is the thing you should know. The guy who finished first gets 8 point and the guy finishing second gets 7. So putting it simply, if Felipe Massa fails to finish today's race in top two positions, then it is guaranteed that Lewis Hamilton would win. Lewis has to be in top 7 at least for a clean win. And of course, he is the favorite to win the championship. But you never know…

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