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Martina Hingis Retires

Now this news definitely scares the hell out me. Martina Hingis, five time grand slam champion, the tennis star, and one of my all time favorite. Probably one of the cutest female sportstars. She just announced her retirement. I mean what the hell? She is just 27. That's not the age to retire... Okay, the news has been that she was tested positive for a cocaine test, and that too at Wimbledon. OMG!!!! Well, Martina calls this a "horrendous" accusation. And why wouldn't she. It's impossible to believe that she would ever go for drugs. Why would she need it? So.... I ain't believing on the story. She says she is 100 percent innocent. She never took drugs in any kind. Obviously frustrated and angry she was. Martina was tested positive on June 29. The day was when she lost in straight sets to Ms. Granville of United States. Isn't it that when you're doped, you have better chances…

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Haircut

Frankly, he is one of the few good looking guys in the Indian Cricket Team. Strong built, with long hairs down his shoulder. He looked pretty cool. As a matter of fact, he even looks better than good percentage of India movie actors. Few months back, Dhoni went for haircut. Nothing shocking, he just trimmed his hair. It was as good as normal. But now... Surprisingly, Dhoni went for a good sleek well cropped haircut. I'm guessing that his crush over the gorgeous Deepika Padukone could be a good reason behind this haircut. Alright, i wasn't initially planning to do this. But i have added Dhoni's new look image for all of you. Let's see your reaction to the same. Update: I never knew that Mahendra Singh Dhoni and John Abraham were that damn close friends. The news is that Dhoni got his new haircut from none other than John Abraham's stylist. Guess what, his stylist is getting used…

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