Hey guys! It’s been a while since i shared any good deals with you! Hostgator had a big, and i mean BIG “Black Friday” sale. They offered up to 80% discount on hosting this Friday! I would have shared this awesome offer with you but somehow couldn’t. In fact, i myself got some hosting accounts only just in time, before the sale closed. Many felt that the 24 hour Hostgator Black Friday sale wasn’t enough. And i agree. But you know, yesterday, Hostgator made record breaking sales. And 80% off and 50% off, why won’t they? So Hostgator says that … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Nov 28th, 2010
VPS Hosting
I have had hosting accounts with perhaps 7-8 different hosts over the past 4 years. Among all, my favorite always has been Hostgator. Slowly and slowly, over these years i have been moving my hosting accounts from all other web hosts to Hostgator. Before i knew it, i had 5 separate shared server hosting accounts, all at It was going all fine but soon i realized that keeping 5 accounts is not so tidy. And i was paying like $15 a month per account which makes it $75 a month. Surely i could have a lot better single server … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Oct 31st, 2009
Right back in February this year, i wrote something about my new web host “BlueHost“.  The experience has just been okay. I’m somehow not fully satisfied with BlueHost or HostMonster for that matter. Both seems to be owned by the same company. But really who cares about the owner! So What Problem Am I Facing? I’m not fully satisfied with the two webhosts i mentioned. I was lured into the deal by the prices they offer. Honestly, i prepaid for two years in advance. Saves me heck lot of amount and other things. But see the irony of it. Looks … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Oct 10th, 2008
For those who are not a webmaster or internet geeks, a webhost is a server where a webmaster actually host their websites. In simple terms it is a server where all the website’s files exists. There are coutless web hosts on the web. Only few of them meet the real quality standards though. Honestly, i have 5 shared servers as on now. The recent web hosting service i added to my list was Frankly i was attracted to the service because of the punchline on one of it’s banner. It said, 1.5TB (Tera Byte) disk space and 15TB Transfer. … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Feb 6th, 2008