For Sale

For those who misinterpreted this page to be an “Advertise on my Blog” thing, well am sorry, i do not sell any advertising space on my blog.

This is actually a marketplace. Here in i will try to list the domains or websites or any items that i wish to sale. So if you are a good buyer, then keep up with this page. You may find what you need in here.

As for payments, i trust Escrow for big payments and Paypal for comparatively smaller amounts. If you are interested in any of the items listed below, you can contact me to book it for you.

*No bargains, No discounts & everything on first come first serve basis.

Domains For Sale:

1. All Recipes

  • I use to have content on this domain but due to some copyright issues i had to remove it.
  • Obviously, a great domain name for recipes blog.
  • Domain created and registered on 21st August 2006. Never been dropped.
  • Scope: You can sell it to for huge price, i guess. If you are a good broker and can get a deal with the company. They already have shown interest by requesting me to leave the domain.
  • Asking Price: Undecided about it. Make your offer. (Escrow)

2. Best-Directories.Info (SOLD!!!!)

  • Can be used as directory of directories or a directory review blog. Only the domain is for sale. All content remains with me.
  • Domain created 17th August 2006. Registered at
  • Asking price for domain: $25 😉 (Paypal)