Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis Retires

Now this news definitely scares the hell out me. Martina Hingis, five time grand slam champion, the tennis star, and one of my all time favorite. Probably one of the cutest female sportstars. She just announced her retirement. I mean what the hell? She is just 27. That’s not the age to retire… Okay, the […]


Green Leaves WordPress Theme

Sitting idle, thinking what to do. I decided to start making some new wordpress themes. It’s called the Green Leaves wordpress theme. It’s a pretty neat and clean theme. Has lot of space. The sidebars and text area are well balanced. Basically, a two column wordpress theme. The theme is not very complex. It’s simple, […]

Online Money


Alright, I really do not hurry into things as and when they are launched. It’s been almost four weeks since WidgetBucks was launched. All this time, i kept looking for pros and cons. Advantages and Disadvantages, Features, Payouts etc etc. I think i am going to like it. What i have noticed is that WidgetBucks […]

Google Pagerank

My Analysis On PageRank Update Oct’07

Alright, Finally the Google pagerank October’2007 is through. I have been through all my websites. And the result has not been very pleasing. The new websites i had gained some PR or other. But old and established websites lost it’s PR in a big way, which unfortunately has hit me hard and made me very […]


Yahoo To Fix Site Explorer Link Counts

Okay, there had been few problems with the counts for the SiteExplorer results recently. There wasn’t a small problem mind you. I’d noticed count of 400K wrongly represented due to some bug making it just 16K. Earlier i thought that Y! also is going Big G’s way. But Thanks God it’s not! Huff… Message from […]