Green Leaves WordPress Theme

Sitting idle, thinking what to do. I decided to start making some new wordpress themes. It’s called the Green Leaves wordpress theme. It’s a pretty neat and clean theme. Has lot of space. The sidebars and text area are well balanced. Basically, a two column wordpress theme. The theme is not very complex. It’s simple, […]

Online Money


Alright, I really do not hurry into things as and when they are launched. It’s been almost four weeks since WidgetBucks was launched. All this time, i kept looking for pros and cons. Advantages and Disadvantages, Features, Payouts etc etc. I think i am going to like it. What i have noticed is that WidgetBucks […]

Google Pagerank

My Analysis On PageRank Update Oct’07

Alright, Finally the Google pagerank October’2007 is through. I have been through all my websites. And the result has not been very pleasing. The new websites i had gained some PR or other. But old and established websites lost it’s PR in a big way, which unfortunately has hit me hard and made me very […]


Yahoo To Fix Site Explorer Link Counts

Okay, there had been few problems with the counts for the SiteExplorer results recently. There wasn’t a small problem mind you. I’d noticed count of 400K wrongly represented due to some bug making it just 16K. Earlier i thought that Y! also is going Big G’s way. But Thanks God it’s not! Huff… Message from […]


946 Billionaires In World

According to Forbes recent study and blah blah… There are 946 people in this world that are worth over $1,000,000,000. No prizes for guessing who the “Most Richest Man” is? For the 13th time in a row, Bill Gates is still the Richest Man of all. He alone is worth $56 Billion. And guess what, […]