Amazon Prime QuizWeek
Amazon India just came up with the new QuizWeek today. You stand a chance to win 10,000 bucks if you answer all of the questions correctly. First thing first. This quiz is only available on Amazon App. So you can download one from here if you haven’t already done that. So you will need to open the App, and on the very top, there will be an orange banner mentioning the Prime Quizweek. You will need to answer all the 5 questions in order to qualify for the prize of INR 10,000. So here we go: Amazon Prime QuizWeek Answers … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Jul 5th, 2017
Airtel India has recently started upgrading all of it’s old infrastructure to fiber cable structure in the major cities of India. It’s not a direct fiber per say, rather what Airtel term it as V-Fiber network. They have basically upgraded from ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) To VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line). In simpler terms, it means Super fast speeds. Yay!! I will like to call it the Reliance Jio effect, that Airtel finally stopped minting money off its customers and started providing some real service that people of India deserved. They had the technology way back, they had the infrastructure, … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On May 13th, 2017
Enabling Saving Of Password FileZilla
Recently, I cleared all my private data on Filezilla due to some bug. This included Quick connect history, reconnect information and site manager entries. Little did I knew that I would be getting this annoying little message on my screen, every time I tried to connect an FTP connection to my website.   You are here because you are also annoyed by this message since you did not (and I repeat) You Did Not Disable saving of passwords. Yet the message specifies that and you have been trying to figure out the way to enable it again. It’s a pain to … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On May 10th, 2017
Hello friends. It’s rather been a long time again, since i blogged about something. My blog has been more of a dormant volcano. I have been posting once in a blue moon. I have run out of excuses and the fact that anyone quits blogging like me, is because of “Being Lazy”. I try to change every time. I say i will be much regular at posting and sharing my information or reviews etc, but i always fall short of keeping my promises. I am not even sure now, if i should make a promise about the same. Anyways, Life … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Feb 22nd, 2015
Fiat Punto
It’s been two and a half years since i bought myself a new Italian car called “Fiat Grande Punto”. Recently i haven’t been blogging much thanks to Google and how it is on verge of eliminating internet forever, but that conversation has to wait for another day. Also, i have myself to blame as i have not been concentrating on blogging at all in past few years. But hey, as they say, Better late than never. So here is my review and experience with the brilliant car Fiat Punto. I bought Fiat Punto in May 2011. Obviously manufactured by the … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Nov 11th, 2013
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