How To Enable Password Saving In Filezilla FTP Client

Recently, I cleared all my private data on Filezilla due to some bug. This included Quick connect history, reconnect information and site manager entries. Little did I knew that I would be getting this annoying little message on my screen, every time I tried to connect an FTP connection to my website.   You are here because you are also annoyed by this message since you did not (and I repeat) You Did Not¬†Disable saving of passwords. Yet the message specifies that and you have been trying to figure out the way to enable it again. It's a pain to enter the password every single time again and again (since most of tried to get 100% strong passwords these days including alphanumeric and special characters).¬†? Thankfully, to everyone's respite from this suffering, there is a very easy fix. Enabling "Savings of Password in FileZilla" Open FileZilla. Go to Edit >> Settings (or Preferences in some older version of Filezilla)…

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