How To Block Promotional SMS Like AM, DM, VM That Are Not Blocked By DND

We thoroughly discussed as to what is DND and how to activate Do Not Disturb in India on your mobile number. For reference, here is that article again >> How to Activate DND in India and Block Those Spammy Marketing Calls & SMS. There are however SMS that are not unsolicited. In fact, these SMS companies have your consent to send you promotional SMS. It's when you shop at your favorite brands or when you eat at your favorite eateries, the staff will ask for your feedback along with your Name and contact number and email address. This is exactly the moment when you become a part of their marketing system as they store your mobile number in their customer database and thus begin the downpour of the offers and promotions on your cell phone via SMS. These SMS usually have a prefix of AM, DM, VM, IM, AD, MD, VK, AP, HP, etc. Unfortunately, there is no way…

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Poker Based Forum Linking To My Directory

I am actually disappointed by the techniques people use for link exchange and stuff. Firstly, i don't believe much in link exchange, yet i constantly get emails regarding the same. The most irritating thing is that all emails have the common tag line that says "We found you website on net and we see it as a highly related niche. We would request a link exchange and we have added your link already to our site. We expect the same from you". Huh? Firstly, these people should notice that sites like AllyDirectory and few others do not have a single homepage or a sitewide link. So it should be a complete waste of effort mailing such sites. Secondly, when i check their sites, it turns out that both the sites have no relation by far. For my directories, sometime i get emails from fishing based sites, some from golf, some from Malaga travel and so on. Frankly, i am…

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