Danyl Johnson
I am a big fan of music. It’s what i do most of the time. I listen to music like 10-12 hours a day. Although i have my favorites with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Def Leppard, Creed, Michael Jackson and many more but that doesn’t stop me to constantly look forward to hear new artists who are making their presence felt in music industry. Few months back, Susan Boyle came to the big arena of “Britain Got Talent” and she created a sensation world over with her voice. Unfortunately she bagged second position in the grand finale of the … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Aug 25th, 2009
It’s been a lot many days since the official WordPress 2.5 was launched. As and when it was available on my webhost’s fantastico upgrades, i as usual, upgraded one blog immediately. Just to see how the thing were with the new version. To my surprise, this update was not just any usual bug fix or something. It’s a total revamping of the script inside out. The login panel, the design panel, everything has been changed. And i was like Wow!!! wordpress is really up to something this time Anyways, after browsing all the features, trying out all the different things … (Read More)
Posted By Sharat Jaswal On Apr 23rd, 2008