Philips SHP2700 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

I have to admit here that this is my first Philips brand device/gadget that i ever purchased. For displays, i have always trusted Samsung. For audio, Sony has been the only choice. And Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson do well when i have to look for a cell phone. So Philips never made to my list of favorites ever. However this time around, i went on to shop for audio headphones. As i prefer Sony in this case, i went to the best-est Sony retailer and  asked for a full size audio PC headphones. The only available model was Sony MDR-XB300. It is supposed to be an extra bass headphone. Apparently, i could try the headphones as for demo. The sound clarity was crystal clear, bass was as good as zero, and the maximum volume was never satisfactory. It was little disappointing as i had lot of expectations from Sony's headphones. Unfortunately there was just one model available in…

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