Just How Difficult Is It To Get Maruti Dzire

Just How Difficult Is It To Get Maruti Dzire

The car in question is a Maruti Udyog product named Swift Dzire. From the past few weeks i have been trying hard to buy one for myself. Preference in colors being White or Silver. Everywhere, every agency i have been to, every person from the company i have talked to, they all said that the bookings have been closed. Maximum time of delivery will be 6 to 8 months. Huh? Now this is unbelievable. Just how much demand a car can have?

Earlier, agencies to agencies people said they will get me a Dzire Vdi for an extra 15k bucks premium. Now the premium is 45k. Today, amazingly the replies i got was that the car aint available on any damn amount of premium because there is so much of shortage! So now you know how fast the cars are built at Maruti Udyog Ltd. Production of this car for another 6 months are pending and will definitely increase with each passing day! In other words, i don’t think i am going to get a Dzire Vdi for myself anytime sooner. I really need to get a new car for myself. So just pray for me or do me a favor and get me one somehow! 🙂

For those who don’t know much about this car, well it’s not a big machine. It’s pretty good on average and the looks are better than many cars on the Indian road. It’s a real good value for money. That’s the reason i want to go for this car.

Maruti Swift Dzire

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  1. I know how difficult it is to get the car.
    I hope you get it within this month.

  2. Yup. Would save me from lot of extra hard work in that case! 🙁

  3. Didnt sumit get it first day first show? 😀

  4. Amit, It was booked first day by Sumit, probably the 7th booking of Dzire here. But still the car was delivered after roughly 20-25 days of booking. So now you can imagine when i will be getting my car if going by similar timing!

  5. Hi- i have VXi model booking with me. can give it to you at premium of 30 k if u want?

  6. Thanks Nikhil. But i can get Dzire Petrol version any day anytime for no premium at all. But that’s really not what i need. I need the Diesel version

  7. @ Khanna
    Petrol version is available readily. 30K for petrol DZire. :O
    Are you out of your mind?

  8. I have booked a Maruti Dzire Vdi ( matallic clear Beize ) in April first week and i m going to get delivery in September. If anyone interested in Dzire VDI, then delivery can be done in his name with very nominal premium.


  9. Rohit. Dzire is a great car. I would suggest you keep it to yourself. It’s a true value. Very economical and so much smooth in drive.
    Still, good luck!

  10. Please let me know if you still are planning to sell it.. Email me at ******Email address removed by SJ*****

  11. Amit, i would like to suggest that you should not give out your email address publicly. Unless you are not tired of spammy life!

    In anycase, if you are interested in Rohit’s Dzire, you can probably call him up!! His number is there!

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