Maruti Swift Dzire – Owned!

Maruti Swift Dzire – Owned!

Ha Ha Ha! I got my white Maruti Swift Dzire (Vdi) now! I have been a little late in sharing this news with you all! I finally got my hands on this car on 14th of July. Three days after my birthday. Gosh!!! It was so much waiting for this beautiful car.

Maruti Swift Dzire is one of the best available cars in India, that gives such a great mileage beside being pretty impressive in looks and performance. Other close competitors were Ford Fiesta, which gives almost same average but people have had lot many bad experiences with after sale service, plus it was some 80,000 INR expensive than Maruti Dzire. The only other competitor was Renault Logan. Humm, i have nothing to say about it. It gives 3kms more than Dzire do in a litre of diesel plus it was fairly cheaper in price too, but Bad interiors, Bad exteriors, no modification can easily make it look good. I am talking about the Indian Logan. It badly needs some changes. Anyways….since no other option, i had to go for Dzire. Plus’ i had already waited for 3 months…so i needed it whatsoever.

To those who understand the technical functionalities, Maruti Swift Dzire (Diesel) has a 1.3L Diesel Direct Injection System a.k.a the DDIS Engine. This engine delivers so much performance, fuel efficiency, driving pleasure and durability. And reduced noise and vibration levels is the other important thing. It has a 1248cc engine that delivers 75bhp@4000rpm and maximum torque of 190@2000 along with Turbocharger and Intercooler! 5 Gear shifts, superor drive and low fuel consumption. It’s suppose to give a mileage of 22kms in a litre of diesel. Fot US conversion, i think it should be 84kms a gallon of diesel. It’s body type is known as “Notchback“. The car by default comes with 14″ tubeless JK tires. Umm….That needed a change big time. So i bought good 10 spoke 15” alloys and got Yokohama‘s tires to make my car get a little sporty look. Ofcourse i got Sun Control Fiming on the glasses.

For those who are not into so technical things, you may just want to know the details in one line. It’s a pearl arctic metallic white colored Dzire with black filming and good looking alloys! 🙂

For everyone, enjoy some pics and if you have any question, please do ask me.

P.S Sorry for the watermarks on the images! 😆

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  1. Congrats for such a wonderful car……

  2. Thanks Sim. Congrats to you too.

    For those who don’t know, Sim is my fiancée. Love of my life 🙂

  3. Nice car… I own one tooo…. 😀
    Need to post some better pictures, especially front, back and side profiles with a steady hand on camera and proper sunlight.

  4. About Sunlight, well it was specially parked half way across garage so that i could take pic in both shade and sunlight at same time.
    “Special Effects” Bidu! 🙂

    As for the steady hands, i took these pics with iPhone camera. So clarity and Image Stabilization were compromised. Don’t worry….i will take more pics time to time with my Canon IXY Digital 25 IS 😆

  5. Thanks for sharing your dream of having a swift dzire car. It’s really good and keep
    your dreams sharing with friends. May this car bring great success in your life!

  6. Thanks WSI. I wish you success with your site as well 🙂

  7. Congrats Sharat 🙂 Nice car selected there..

  8. congrats
    i am also looking for dzire vdi from last 3-4 months,how u get the car tell me the way

  9. Vishal, it all depends on place to place. Dzire’s availability increases as you go south in India. There is a bit waiting period here in my city. I waited for nearly 3 months.

    If you want it sooner, then purchasing it as premium is the only option. Any colored Dzire (Diesel) is available at 30-40k price and white is available at 50k etc. Think about it!

  10. thanks

  11. Hi Sharat, I’ve booked Swift DZire VDI too and the waiting period is 4 month (expected to get it in November). Iwas planning to change tyre 165/80R14 to 185/70R14 (as suggested by some experts), but you went for 15″? What’s the mileage now? Can you post more pics of back view as well as front view to have a good look at the 15″ tyres. Doesn’t the 15″ tyre protrude outside. Kindly advise.

  12. KKK, 185/70R14 was suggested to me by Maruti guys as well. That’s the best option in Dzire considering the fact that you are going for 14″ alloys/tyres.

    When i went shopping for alloys, i could hardly find any good alloys in 14″ category. All good alloys started with 15″ alloys. So after consulting some people i decided to get 15″ alloys with Yokohama’s A-Drive 195/60/R15. It works well and neither do they touch anywhere inside when i make sharp cuts, nor do they protrude outside. It’s perfectly fine.

    As for average, well i still have to get the first service done! But after the first fuel tank refill, the car gave me an average of 16kmpl with A/C. My friend who have the same car got the average of 16kmpl as well! So it does not look that tyres will have a heavy impact on average!

    As for the pics, i have posted some new pics here>> My Maruti Swift Dzire. It has some pics of alloys. But i will add more pics for your requirement!


  13. Hi Sharat,

    Reading ur comments ,i m now proud owner of Dezire VDI(great car), & went to alloy wheel shop but i was not able to find good alloys in 14″& i went for 15″(195/60/15) But the concern is that now ride has become bit bummpy so what is ur opinion on changing it to 195/65/15.???will 65 going to touch the shell of the car while turning left right??

  14. Yes Gagan. 195/65/15 may not suit Dzire. It may touch the inside panel of the wheelbase while making sharp turns. Plus anytime 3-4 guys are sitting in car, it’s bound to touch anyways.

    Maybe you can try low profile tires along with the 15″ alloys! Will make sense.
    Plus i hope you have the right air pressure in the tires. 30-32 is what i have got filled in. Most probably your car’s bumpy ride is because of extra air pressure. Get it checked! 😉

  15. Thanks a lot…. Sharat

    Clarifications required :
    1. Low profile tyres mean??
    2.I have gone for Federal tyres & they are looking very broad , i hope it is same with u also , kindly send the Front & rear Pics .
    2. 30-32 for which tyres (front & rear)?


  16. Gagan,

    Low profile tires are the one with lesser width between the tire edge and the alloy/rim. In 195/65/15, 65 is the width of the tire. Low profile tires have very low width. Some of my friends have got 17″ alloys in Dzire along with low profile. I do not know the exact dimension details.

    My car’s tires do not look very broad. They are broader than the default provided by Maruti but not very. It’s 195 in width, and am guessing it’s same with you! I haven’t clicked any pics recently. However you can check some pics in the other post i have. Click here >> Maruti Dzire. Click on those pics for a large view!

    30-32 is Rear-Front air pressure! Don’t worry. When you approach for air check at Gas station, just tell the guy to fill in 30-32. He knows more than we do! 🙂

  17. Hi Sharat,

    Thanks for ur suggestions, and removing my doubts.
    i m based in Chandigarh working in IT Park,will meet sometime.

    Thanks a lot

  18. Sure Gagan.
    I live just around the corner. I can see IT Park from my home! (Am At M.D.C)
    So….will catchup sometime.

  19. Hi

    I am planing to Buy Swift Dzire VDi, please tell me after your first service whats you are getting AVG,
    how much these allyos wheels & Tyre cost to you.



  20. Dinesh, i am getting an average of 17kmpl at the moment, after first service, with AC and in city!
    As for the tires the total expenses came out to be around 20k INR. I exchanged the company fitted tires on the day one and got Rs 1300 off on each tire. So it’s always better to exchange the tires the very first day to get better value!

  21. Hi Sharat,
    Thanks for ur feedback, i would like to know what is the mileage the swift dzire you are getting now and whether any maintenence issues you have faced till date.
    Thanks Sharat

  22. Hi Cavin
    I am getting a mileage of 17kmpl in city with A/C, after one service.
    I haven’t had any maintenance issues so far! All looks to be perfect as on now!

  23. Hi Sharat,
    As You are using Yokohama A drive tyres. What is the performance in respect of comfort and noise.
    How much did you pay for one tyre(A drive), I m planning to change it to Yokohama or Michillin XM1. Just suggest



  24. Hi Gagan
    Well Yokohama’s A Drive are definitely meant for comfort. The ride is smooth till now. No problem with the friction noise. No vibrations. I can barely hear anything when i have the windows closed. I have driven my car at speeds on 120kmph and handling, braking, grip, turning all looks fantastic.
    As for tire’s cost i would have to find the bills again. I think it was 3800 per tire! But not very sure.
    I have seen Michelin energy X1. That too on a Dzire. My friend has it. It looks pretty good to me. The ride seems comfortable but somehow he is managing to get a better average/mileage that me every single time. Can be because of those tires. 🙂

    If i had to suggest than it would be Yokohama, just coz i am personally using it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best. I think all will work well as long as you don’t go for Formula one type tires. They make hell lot of noise!

  25. Hello Mr. Jaswal
    how r u ?
    dude i got my dzire vdi.its awesome
    bt i m nt satisfied with its tyres.
    and i have to change them
    can u pls advise me which tyres shud i go fr and wt shud b its size
    u gone fr 195/60/R15. dnt u think 195 is too high
    pls tell me ur cell number i wanna talk to u in detail
    me frm abohar(punjab)
    and my cell number is 98886-37766 pls sms me or call me
    its a request

  26. Hello Mohit
    195 is actually the width of the tyre. 60 is the distance from tyre’s outer tip till the rim and 15 is the width of alloy/rims. The size suits perfectly. In fact looking at it, i feel there is space for little more.
    No one is satisfied with the default tyres that Maruti provides in Dzire. The JK shit. Some of people i met outside have even gone for 16″ alloys with “Low Profile” tires.
    If i had to answer the question about “what’s the best size?” i would say 195/60/R15. But if need bigger alloys for example 16″ then ask your dealer for “Low Profile” tyres to go along with them. Try Michelin or Yokohama’s A Drive. I am a big fan of BridgeStone but somehow for Dzire i don’t think they will go well. Just keep in mind that whatever tire you go for, don’t buy Formula One type tires. Not comfortable, make lot of noise but looks great often luring many people to buy them

  27. Hi Sharat,
    Thanks for your valuable suggestion,,,

    Sharat, if i go for 195/65/14 how it will differ from 195/60/15 in terms of ground cleareance,comfort & there is difference in cost in these two profiles as(195/65/14) is cheaper.

    kindly suggest,thanks

  28. Hi Gagan
    195/64/14 should behave slightly like 196/60/15. I can’t say if there will be any difference in ground clearance, because even there is, it will be negligible. As for comfort, it really depends on the make of the tyre and size has to do nothing with it, as long as the first variable is 195.
    Fuel Efficiency, well you will get slightly better F.E. in 195/65/14. But again, hardly much of a difference. So really, it all comes down to one thing: Performance won’t be effected to much extent and neither will comfort be compromised. It’s all about looks. You will not be able to get a better look for your car with 14″ alloys/Rims compared to 15″ alloys. Coz you know, there is a very limited range in 14″ alloys. So go for performance or go for performance + looks. Up to you!

  29. Dear Sharat Jaswal,
    I am also a proud owner of Swift Dzire from 20th September onwards. I had a waiting of 75 days to own this wonderful piece of excellence in cars. I have bought a vxi model as i have hardly 300 kms to run per month. I was advised by several not to go for the diesel model if the minimum running per day is below 40 km.

    There is one thing I would like to ask you Sharat. At times the car emits ‘Beep” sound when kept in my garage continuously . Is that due to the security system? When nobody is near the car no such sound is there. As I had a lot of workers near the car attending to the house repair, then the car emits this “beep ” sound every minute. Please let me know why is it so.

  30. Dear Sharat,
    I am surprised to note that you are getting only 17 km per liter of diesel with A/C on. When I bought the car I was told that the petrol model gives only 10 to 12 km per liter of petrol. But my first drive from Kottayam to Shoranur, a stretch of 200 km gave me 14km/liter with A/C on. after that I clocked another 300 km and this time I got 15.12 km per liter. I was told that the correct mileage would be gained only after the first service at 1000km/liter. With the present mileage I am sure I would get 16 0r 17 km per liter after the first service.

    In your case you should have got minimum 20kms per liter, being a diesel vehicle . Some of my friends who own Swift Dzire are getting 20km and 21 km after the first service.

  31. Hello Vijayakumar.
    I have less traveling to do as well. 100 to maybe 1000km a month. I am never sure. Yet i got a VDI for myself. But i had my mind set on a diesel car, so couldn’t back out. Plus burning a hle in my pocket is better that burning small tiny holes every time i get the fuel filled in my car.
    Anyways, i know the “Beep” thing. It’s pretty irritating. My neighbor has the same thing. In this festive season of Diwali, Children often burst crackers nearby, thus making the Beeps even more frequent. I really do want to hurt my neighbor’s car badly because of the same reason. Anyways, onto your problem, well you see, this problem can be solved by the “Alarm” button on the right side of the steering. That Alarm button is basically the security system of your car. The problem you are facing might be the sensitivity. Anyone even touches the side rear-view mirrors and even that triggers the alarm. Maybe you would like to take your car to a authorized maruti service station nearby and ask for the person who knows about iCats. I think that’s what the security system is called. Ask him if he could lower the sensitivity so that car is less sensitive to small things like strong wind or children bursting crackers. I think he will press Alarm button 4 times when the car is in standby mode. That’s how he worked on mine.
    f i have misinterpreted your “Beeps” wrong, then please correct me. Else do let me know how many times he pressed the button to lower the sensitivity.

    Dude, as far as the average is concerned, my friends have been getting average of 20 after first service and one has been getting 24 after two services. But you see, the difference in my average with rest of the lot is not something technical or something. It’s different driving style. I like to keep windows closed, A/C on full, loud music and i like to drive fast…not rash but fast! Moreover, heavy tires and 15″ alloys do a little damage also. Then the traffic jams here are bad. There are several more reasons. That all effects my car’s average.

    Anyways, you should get the beep sound corrected. Only let a professional do it. Besides, Diwali is coming up. If you need a good sleep even when the crackers are bursting outside, then you must get it corrected as early as possible 😉

  32. Hi Sharat..

    I am from Chandigarh. need some advise. I’m getting my dzire in two weeks time. plan to upgrade my tyres and put alloys. which ones do u recommend… tyres and alloys. And what would be the total cost for new tyres and alloys. Can my old tyres and rims be traded.

  33. Hi Akhil
    Congrats for your Dzire!
    As for tyres, i would recommend either Yokohama or Michelin.
    I went with Yokohama’s A Drive. Dimension being 195/60/R15.
    Do a thing, go to Wheelocity in sector 28, Chandigarh. In 15″ alloys category you will find the best variety in there. Look for Michelin and Yokohama tyres and tell him you need a 195/60/r15 tyre. Don’t go for formula one category of tyre, they make lot of noise!
    As for trading tyres, yes you can do it. I did it the same day i got the car. Got some 1200 per tyre+rim in exchange!

  34. Hi Sharat,

    I stay in Chandigarh and I will be getting my dzire in around 4-6 wks. I will also go in for changing my car tyres. I have purchased Vxi model and have heard that music system is crappy and not very good…
    Is it so ?
    If yes then any way to enhance it ? SHOULD I CHANGE the speakers to Sony explod ?? Will that improve bass quality.. and all. What do u have to say on this ???

  35. Hi Ankur

    Congratulations for your dzire.
    Changing the car tyres is a must thing to do. So good decision to begin with.
    As for music system, it depends on what kind of music you like to listen to. If you like soft, romantic, ballads, pop, etc then the default system is okay.
    If you need high volume at times and usually prefer rock, hard rock and metal type songs, then yes, you do need to go for a change of speakers. It does improve the quality and the difference is very noticeable. I have Sony Explod as well. So that’s what i will suggest at the moment. 🙂

  36. Hi Sharat

    I got my Dzire VDi yesterday and immediately changed the tyres to 195/60r14 with alloy wheels. My concerns are ;

    1. Will this change the odometer reading significantly
    2. Is this the correct upsize or should i opt for 15 inch alloys. Will 15 inch alloys void the warranty.
    3.Considering that the tyre width and profile remains the same, will there be any difference between 14 and 15 inch rim with respect to ride comfort, FE and handling ?


  37. Hi Suresh
    Firstly, in my honest opinion, since you are already spending money you should have gone for 195/60/R15.
    Okay, i am not sure how can tyres effect odometer reading. As i know, odometers is the device that shows how much distance one has traveled thus far. However you may know more about it. So would be fair if you could elaborate your first question.
    2. 14″ alloys are okay. But 15″ alloys are great. Wonderful. Fantastic. As for warranty, i don’t think it should be any problem. But a Maruti dealer should be able to tell you more about it.
    3. Okay, so with the same width and profile, the 15″ rim will provide you better ride comfort, better handling but lesser fuel efficiency. The difference in fuel efficiency is however negligible. If i had to chose from 14″ and 15″, i would have gone for 15″ without any doubts. 🙂

  38. I obtained my Maruti Swift DZire Model ZDI last October and driven down from Delhi to Secunderabad. The car feels solidly made and spacious. On highway runs, we noticed a fantastic 21+ KM/lit of diesel! Even in the bad traffic of Hyderabad, I am getting in excess of 14KM/lit.

    On the cons side, I find the alloy wheels provided as standard do not look attractive at all. Could have been much better.

    The colour described as “Arctic Pearl White Metallic” has practically no metallic lustre and looks plain white.

    No instruction manual has been provided for the audio system. I have been trying to get it but without avail. Can somebody tell me at least what is the make and model no of this unit?

  39. Mr. Sharma, i have seen the standard alloys. They are just okay. Not much appealing. Probably you can go for an exchange with a local wheels dealer. I got a 10 spoke non chrome alloys for myself.
    As for color, i still think it’s good but yes it could have been better. I would rate it as satisfactory though.
    As for audio system, the only thing i could change was the output. I changed the default speakers to Sony Xplode. I also tried to find the make of the system but failed. I wanted to get a USB compatible feature in this system but still no luck. It’s true that Maruti failed to provide in depth information on some parts.

  40. Audio is NIPPON. I forgot the model number. You are supposed to get a owner’s manual for the audio.

  41. Thanks Shantanu
    I remember noting down the Model number but for forgot posting here on the site.

    It’s a NIPPON make and model number is NSCR – 02
    Hope that helps!

  42. Hi. I just got my dzire vdi. It is going to go for servicing day after tomorrow. I was thinking of upgrading to 195/60/R15. Is there any difference in the FE and is the ride a little more harsh?
    What about the pick up of the car. I’m planing to buy A Drives as well. I had a swift vxi earlier with 17s, so have some experience. Thanx

  43. Hi Armaan. Congrats on your buy!
    Firstly A Drives 195/60/R15 has almost negligible effect on fuel efficiency. I remember talking to a Yakohama’s RM. He gave me precise figures after calculating lot of stuff and the difference with 15″ A drives came out to be 0.8% in fuel efficiency. That’s too small a difference.

    Ride does not become harsh. Rather it becomes more comfortable and smoother.

    I’m not sure about pick up as i never experienced driving Dzire with 14″ tyres. But i do not think that tyre size makes a difference. Logically with 15″ tyres, you should have a better surface grip and better pick up.

    17″ in Swift looks great. I am not sure if they are very comfortable in driving because of the low profile tyres but they certainly look great. However i do not plan to go above 16″ in my upcoming swift.

    Lastly, since your car is going for service, here are some pointers >> Do tell the car washers not to apply that cheap quality shiner on the dashboard and steering. It becomes really sticky and a dirt attract-er. Also always avoid those Maruti stickers on the rear mirror. I last heard that they are becoming challanable offense. Anyways, it’s good to keep your car clean.

  44. Hi
    I just got my swift dzire black vdi. I got changed my tires to 15″ alloy wheel. The size i have gone is 205/55/15. The tires of Continental make and alloys of prestige make. Please advice is there any difference in the FE and is the ride a little more harsh?

  45. Ashok, congrats on your dzire. As for your questions, yes, there is going to be difference in fuel efficiency and comparatively the ride will become more harsh. The lower the profile of the car tyre is, higher the harshness of road on it.

  46. hi Sharat.. are doing a gr8 job.. answering to lot of ppl about swift dzire.. i was just going through it.. and would like to thank you for such a nice job…
    im going to be an owner for swift dzire tommorrow.. i bought a second hand dzire..
    just wanted to ask you.. i bought a swift lxi base model..
    1) why are tyres needed to be changed… is there any trouble with the company fitted tyres? whats the differance btween 195/60/R15 tyres and company fitted?

    2) any other changes needed

    plz reply on my e-mail id if possible as well..

    Kunal shah…

  47. Hey Kunal. Thanks for your appreciation. I guess by now you might be the owner of a swift dzire already.
    As for the tyres, well Maruti is providing 14″ JK tyres. It’s okay to have those. But for better stability, comfort and ease of driving, you have to switch to a bigger tyre set. As for 195/60/R15 they are more comfortable as i mentioned before plus they look pretty cool. There is just one disadvantage however. The mileage will come off by like 0.8% if you go for the bigger tyre. I don’t think anyone would be worried about that.
    If you ask me whether to switch the current tyres with 15 inchers, i would have to say yes!!!!

  48. Hey Sharat
    Thanks for your reply.. Yes, I am a proud owner of Swift Dzire… It’s just awesome. Gives me a feel of a big car.. As till now i drove Santro and Zen… This is just an awesome car.
    Just had another query.. what average does it give my car is 6900 kms done as of now and giving me around 8 avg…IN MUMBAI CITY.. plz reply on my e-mail id if possible as well..

    Kunal Shah…

  49. Really appreciates your elaborate replies. I purchased Dzire Vdi 2 days back & I am planning to change my tyres. I got MRF tyres from showroom. Planning to change it to 185/70 R 14 without alloy wheels ? Please can you suggest ? Any mileage reduction..


  50. Vijay, 185/70/R 14 is what the company provides and recommends. You will get the best possible mileage on those tyres. It’s just that the Dzire looks much better running on a 15″ tyres and is a pleasure to drive around making it more comfortable. 15″ tyres does reduce the mileage but only by a bit which can be ignored.

  51. Hi Sharat..
    I had booked Dzire Vdi in December for beige color. Today i changed my color to White. I hope i get my dzire by Feb end. Please guide what changes i need to make. I want my car to look sporty.

  52. Hi Devaraj
    Congrats on your buy. No offence to the beige colored Dzire owners, but i think Devaraj that you made a great decision by changing the color. Beige is not cool at all when it comes to Dzire.
    Anyways, there are many many changes you can make in order to get that sporty look. All depends on budget and how far you are willing to go.

    For beginners, the first thing you need to do is get rid of those company provided JK Tyres. Get a cool looking 15″ or 16″ alloys. Get Bridgestone, Pirelli, Yokohama or Michellin tyres to go along with those alloys. You can ask for different profiles in the tyres from the shop to go along with the size of alloys you have chosen. Don’t get too broad tyres. Max 195-205 will do. Half the job for sporty car is already done following this step alone.

    Second step i would suggest is going for “Angel Eyes” lights. They are expensive but worth every money spent. Go with HID lights if necessary. And if you can smoke out some of the lights area, it would even look better.

    Apart from these two main suggestions you can definitely opt for spoiler, side skirting, custom job paint, grill changes, etc. However i am yet to find a good looking spoiler to go with Dzire’s small ugly back. And side skirting on Indian roads is always troublesome. So whatever you think you can get your hands on. One other cheap change you need to go for is replacing your muffler tip or better known in India as silencer’s tip. It’s actually just an add-on and can be placed over the existing muffler tip. Costs in low hundreds. But looks great.

    Black colored Tinted windows will make your car look much better as well.

    Lastly, if you are somewhere near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, get hold of a company called KitUp.Co.In or visit their website on same address. You can get your Dzire to look somewhat like this with the cosmetic changes that they offer:

    Dzire Front :
    Dzire Back:

    These images were posted even before i got my Dzire. I am sure they must be having plenty more modifications by now! Try em!

  53. Dear Sharat…Thank you very much for ur response…. This weekend i will look for the alloys and tyres as suggested by you.. I will get back after getting the details.. I am putting up in Bangalore.. Probably i need to go to JC Road… How about the seat covers… Have u gone for the fixed type or removable type leather sear covers?

  54. Devaraj, i still haven’t found time to get the seat covers. But i believe that whenever i do, it will be fixed type, leather seat covers. Try not to go for ready made seat covers. Stitched seat covers with a good bucket and double stitched looks pretty good. With the remaining leather you can also get a steering cover for your car, thus providing uniformity inside the vehicle.

  55. As per your suggestion i have changed the tyres to Mischelen 185/70/R14 XM1+. Please can you suggest on bleow things ?

    1. Reverse parking Sensor
    2. Sun Film Glasses
    3. Do you suggest for Teflon coating ?
    4. What is side skirting?

    Do you suggest any other changes ?


  56. Hi Vijay,

    1. I am not a fan of reverse parking sensors as long as it is not provided first hand by the car company. Few of my friends does have them installed. But the sensor goes berserk even when nothing much is behind your car. The double tapes regularly come off and it’s a mess to get rid of them once you already have poked holes into the bumper. So it’s totally your choice. Safety point of view, i.e. if you are not comfortable in reversing the car, i guess you can go for it, else not necessary.

    2. Sun Filming is a must, no matter what your car color is. Ask some police wala for the minimum allowed sun film visibility and go for the minimum allowed one.

    3. Teflon coating is always a good choice. I have seen at least thousand of Dzires with scratches on both side bumpers and on sides. It’s not possible to save your cars from scratches and dents. So atleast save the scratches. Your decision.

    4. Side skirting is body modification, some plastic part beneath the doors area. It is a part of the body kit actually and helps your car to look more sporty. However not much successful on Indian roads. A body kit usually comprises of front and rear extended bumpers, side skirting and spoiler. Google it on images mode and you will know what i mean.

    Changes are inevitable. There can be hundred more changes. All depends on what and where you want the changes to be made. Let me know of a part and i will see if something can be done about it.

  57. Hi Sharat ..

    Yesterday (Sunday) i went to JC Road for inquiring about the alloys & the tyres. Most of the tyre shops were closed 🙁 .
    I inquired about alloys & other accessories..

    1) Alloys – League / Focus Brand – Rs 18,500/-
    2) Sunfilm – 3M/Lumar – Rs.1800/- without front glass.
    3) Reverse sensing with USB & Bluetooth – Rs. 6500/-

    For one of the Dzires he had removed the audio system and replaced with Sony audio system. He offered me Rs 2500/- for buyback of the stock system.

    4) Seat Covers – Rs 4500 to 7000/-

    Today i will inquire about tyres..

  58. Sharat

    My first servicing is done yesterday. they charged me around 1100 bugs for 3.5 ltr oil change & Oil filter change. do they have to change oil filter in first servicing ? is first servicing is not totally free ? when i enquired couple of friends, they informed only oil change of 2.5 or 2.9 lts and they charged around 680 rs?

    please can you brief what to be done on first servicing.


  59. Vijay, it’s been 18 months since i got my car’s first service done. The labour and the cleaning is what is free in the first service. Also included is fine tuning, washing and such things. But they do charge for the oil change everytime and the oil has to be changed during the first service.
    As for the fee, the bill, i really don’t remember the amount but i guess it was just the oil price that i was charged for, plus the tax i guess. So whatever that amounts to. Why don’t you get a detailed bill from the dealer for clarification. They are liable to provide it to you.

  60. Sharat,

    need your suggestion.. I have observed multiple scratches in black color Swift Dzire VDI when i placed car in my apartment parking slot. It seems scratches was made by childrens.

    How to get rid of this scratches ? Is buffing will do ? i am planning to do the teflon coating in couple of days. is Teflon coating will disappear scratches ? Teflon coating through machine is better or hand made is better? please suggest.

    Thanks and waiting for your valuable reply.

  61. Hi Vijay

    Just get the buffing done on the car. If the scratches are small, they will disappear without any problems.

    Teflon coating will not repair the scratches that have already been made. It will only protect the car’s surface from future minor scratches and bruises. Plus, it will give your car look shinier.

    Not sure about what kind of Teflon coating is better. I just thought there was only one kind available.

  62. Hi Sharat

    My dzire has gone for registration today(tuseday), i will take delivery on wednesday or thursday… i have few questions..
    1) i am changing to 15″ alloys and yoka -195/60 r15 . i am thinking of buying set of 4. and the 5th tyre a cheap quality 15″ tyre.
    2nd option:
    i will keep the OE stock rim and alloy as spare in case of emergency there any problem riding with different size .

  63. Devaraj, if it helps, i bought a set of 4 alloys myself when i got the tyres done. I kept the company provided stock tyre and rim as my spare tyre.
    I did enquire about what if i needed to make a change and drive with three tyres being 15 inchers and one being 14″, they said a drive in that case for 15-20 kms on a decent speed won’t hurt the car. I guess that’s enough distance for one to go and get the original tyre fixed and replaced.

  64. It is such a great car of Maruti.
    I am also planning to purchase it in the month of March with the help of my friends.

  65. Hey Sharat,
    I’m planning to buy a swift dzire zdi and i’ll book it in around 2-3 days but i’m really confused regarding swift vdi or swift dzire zdi. i wanted to know that if swift vdi and dzire zdi have the same pickup or not. i’ve driven swift many times but dzire i just took a small test drive and also that if the inbuilt system given with the car can be attached with an amplifier and a bass tube and the steering mount controllers works with it or not. Does the company provides body kit at an extra cost. Money is no concern regarding swift or dzire.
    Plz help me with ur suggestions.
    with thanks


  66. Hi Varun.

    Swift vdi and Dzire zdi have same engines, so anything in terms of performance would be negligible in most cases. However as for pick up, i believe Swift vDi will have more pickup simply coz of the reason that it is around 50Kg lighter in weight than Dzire.

    The system of course can be attached with amplifier and bass tube. Not sure what exactly you meant with steering controls working with it?

    Maruti dealers do have body kits. I am yet to see body kits for Dzire but i have already seen dealer’s specially modified swift up for sale. However, the quality of stuff they use is not commendable. They just look good but the material is not reliable. There are places outside where you can actually get your car modified.

    If i had to chose from both of these, i would prefer Swift vDi. Small, much more graceful, easily modifiable and yes, at least i can get my own music system for the car, because frankly my dear, the Maruti provided Nippon music system in Dzire kind of sucks. So…Your call. 🙂

  67. Sharat,

    Need your suggestion on painting. My vehicle had deep scratches done by someone in parking. is repainting same as original painting which maruti provides or any other difference ? what do you suggest ?

    Normally dzire vdi gives how much mileage on highways ? Intially before first serviciing my vechicle use to give 20 mileage. after first servicing mileage drop to 17. the only change i did is replacing the company owned tyres with Mischilin XM1+ 185/70/R14.



  68. Vijay,

    Maruti service center would charge more for the paint job. You can get it painted from some other place. Just make sure the guy is good at what he does and uses good quality paint. Usually the paint that goes on to car these days is called Y2K Paint.

    I just got my fourth service done on the car. Am getting an average of 17-18 everytime. So not sure what to say…I guess mileage of 17 after first service is a little low but no where near “alarming”.

    As for wheels, the tyres would cause no difference since it’s 14 inches and same as what Maruti recommends. Infact better. That cannot be cause of the low average.

    Get your checked again at Maruti if you have any doubts. In this cut throat competition, Maruti guys believe in customer satisfaction always. So good luck….

  69. Hello Sharat – I own my Dzire VXI for more that 12 months now..and it has been a wonderful expereince so far. However, I have experienced one issue with this car..I feel that sometime car’s pickup is very good but other time it is not. In other words, i can say that car will continue giving good pickup for 3-5 days but on 6-7 days it may start giving bad pickup. That issue comes and goes away itself. I and my one another friend bought Dzire VXI and ZXI same day and he experienced this issue as well…so not sure if it could be manufacturing defect. Just curious, have you or any other seen this issue with particular model.

  70. Hi Sharat

    I have VXI Dzire… Is it ok if i use same company tyres with new 14in allow wheels (I going to buy)

    need suggestion please


  71. Atul, It’s hard to say anything about pickup without seeing it myself.

    However, i would like to clarify about two points which you might or might not be knowing. Just sharing knowledge here…
    1. Dzire’s turbo is set at 2200 RPM. So whenever during pickup in any gear, if the RPM goes over 2200, there will be a sudden push in pickup/speed/acceleration. That is turbo effect.
    2. I hope you know that if your car’s air condition is on, it will noticeably slow down the pick up of your car. Higher the a/c’s strength more hard you have to press for pickup.

    Just wanted to clarify. If none f these applies to why you feel your car has variable pickup, then i guess you should go to the agency and get it fixed because nothing like that happens in my car or anyone else’s that i know of. 🙂

  72. Yasar, i might be too late in replying and probably you already bought new tyres n alloys. But i would suggest you go for new tyres as well, as on this time you will get maximum exchange value. Anyways, i am not a big fan of JKTyres so i would suggest some great brand for your great wheels.

  73. Hi Sharat , Thnks 4 ur suggestions n can u give any suggestion to change my dzire vdi stereo system…

  74. Hi Kinnera Suman

    I actually have changed my Dzire music system from the stock to a Kenwood KDC BT7043 U system. Now my car has a stereo system with 1000 times better output, USB feature so that i can stick in that 8 GB pen drive of mine, and also a bluetooth feature that lets me use the blue n me kind of technology! I can talk to my friends on phone while driving through the built in mic and can hear them through the speakers.

    Anyways, you need to go to your local car modification guy and ask him if he has a swift lxi console for the ac vent and music system. It costed me around 1000 bucks. Get that console, remove your dzire’s console and put in your new music system. You will have to compromise a little on the looks coz you won’t get the feel of the default dzire music system’s integration, but that’s the only way ahead.

    I will soon update my blog with some posts and pictures…. Keep looking

  75. Dzire is the combination of both power and performance. Driving the car on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway is great Experience and the car speeds upto 150km/l. Love to drive the car. Awesome feeeling… Maruti u rock

  76. Hey Kiran! I am pretty certain you mean 150kmph. We are talking speed, not fuel efficiency :p

    And yes, the car is good but am getting bored of it now!

  77. Hey Sharat,
    I was planning to buy the swift dzire, overheard that the new swift dzire will be launched as a compact sedan with its butt shelved. i did like the the present one as it has a large boot and looks good, but at the same time i wouldn’t like to be a part of the discontinued present swift dzire.. would like to know whether the present swift would be discontinued kindly mail me as i have in a a jinx.
    Thank you.

  78. Hi sharat
    I have swift lxi 2008 with 14 inch neo alloys.
    I’m confused of making choice about which trye and size i’ll go with keeping in mind it does not effect the mileage. My friend says go for 185/70/14r .
    please tell me which size and make i’ll go with.
    one thing it should look good on the car

  79. Where i can get the spoiler for swift in Chandigarh and what price?

  80. Hey Cavin. Sorry for getting so late.

    Yeah….so we all have seen the new dzire by now i guess. It’s okay….just okay. The side profile of car sucks, the boot is very small-ish but it looks terrific from the front and rear end.

    Not sure with what you went for or if you are planning to buy something else. But hey, best of luck.

  81. Hi Amarjit

    Even if you go for a 15 inch alloy, the drop in mileage will be something like 0.75. I think it’s pretty okay.

    As far as 14″ are concerned, 185/70/r14 is pretty okay size. But if you really want your car to look GOOD, then i am sorry, i don’t believe a car can look good with 14″ alloys. “Bigger the alloy/rims, better the looks” is what i live by.

    15″ Alloys, Anything like Yokohama A Drive or C Drive or Continental CPC 2, or Michelin’s Primacy LC will do as for tyres are concerned

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