My Maruti Swift Dzire

My Maruti Swift Dzire

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As my friend Sumit Bahl suggested in my previous post “Maruti Swift Dzire – Owned!“i needed to put some better quality pics of my new Swift Dzire. I took the last pictures with my iPhone. So obviously i wasn’t able to get too much quality. But now i clicked some more pics with my Canon IXY Digital 25 IS. No questions regarding the quality this time. 🙂

Here are some new pics:

The Pics were originally 3648 x 2736 in dimension. I have resized them to 800 x 600 !!

And i will keep on posting more pics, time n time again 😉

P.S. I know i am not a great photographer 🙁

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  1. i wouldn’t say you are not a great photographer, you got cool pics of all angles of the car.

  2. Thanks Eva
    I have been taking lessons in photography recently. So next pics, whatever they be, will be even better. 🙂

  3. Hi Sharat,

    I have a couple of questions for you :

    1. When the wait for the car was 8 months, how could you get your hands on one sooner ? Did you pay a premium ? The reason I am asking is because I have booked a VDi too and I am supposed to wait a cool 8 months!!!

    2. What is the mileage (city & highway) you are getting, now that you have put a larger wheel on your car.


  4. Hi Rajesh
    Here are the answers to your query.

    1. I booked my car, the day after it was launched. The waiting period at that time was 15 days and yet it took them nearly 40 days to deliver my car. Things changed after one month of it’s launch when the waiting time really became big. So i am one of those early birds so in someway, i am lucky. And yes, i did not pay any premium.

    2. There is hardly any difference in mileage compared to a friend’s Dzire who has the default 14″ tires. After one service, i am getting a mileage of 17.47 to be exact, in city and with A/C. I’m yet to take this car out on highway so can’t tell you about the h/w mileage.

    BTW, i think you will find more answers on the other post which is the “official” post i made at the time i purchased Dzire. Click Here >> Maruti Swift Dzire – Owned

  5. Hi…
    Yaar plz call me @ 9780425800 for help me to buy a swift dzire vdi…
    or mail me at

  6. Sorry Lovely, I can’t help you to buy the car any sooner. I myself took it by paying extra money (Black)
    So wither pay extra or wait for sometime. 🙂

  7. Hi rajesh i dont know how they have offered me but i have got mine a vdi blue in 7 days and i have paid a premium 10k less than what everybody is paying. can i cross my fingers?

  8. Anyways Sharat. Your pics are cool dude. I’m waiting for more from u good chap.

  9. Thanks Ashwin. I will definitely be posting more pics soon. I have changed the default music system. Will be posting some pics soon.

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