BlogRush Terminated

BlogRush Terminated

BETA To RIP BlogRush
BETA To RIP BlogRush

I was shocked when i got this mail from John Reese.

After so much success with BlogRush, they have decided to shut down the services.

I feel sorry for them. They were doing good and there was absolutely no reason to close it down. But they had their own issues and opinions on the same.  According to them, the primary reason behind this decision were the security issues and abusive users who just can’t appreciate good things.

Now that the services are closed, only one can realize that BlogRush was here for us, people. Not for anything else. They never even sold any advertising spaces, nor did they try to monetize in any kind. They only believed in free quality traffic across quality weblogs. It’s sad that it had to end this way.

And to everyone who might be thinking if they are coming back under different ownership… The answer is no. BlogRush team has declined several offers & inquiries about acquiring

Well, i would say that BlogRush widget was best in it’s own way. Besides, it was THE best looking widget on internet. I remember i made a post when my blog was approved by them. I was so excited. And now i am making a post when BlogRush is being killled rather than being shut down!

Anyways, Good luck to the team behind it. And “Thank You”. 🙂

P.S. : Here is the blogpost i wrote when i joined BlogRush: BlogRush, I am in.

P.P.S. : If you want to write something to John Reese (BlogRush owner), Then you can visit >> Death of BlogRush.

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  1. Yes, it makes for very sad reading. It is a pity that they have decided to close down.

  2. I was never a big fan of their service. The traffic they sent was not big but sumthing. Good concept by Mr Reese. Sorry it had to end this way

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