Hey…What’s Up Doc? Redesigning?

Hey…What’s Up Doc? Redesigning?

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If you have been on my blog recently, you would have noticed small changes frequently being made to my blog design. In the last few days, i have tried many new stylings for my blog. I’m pretty sure that i will stay with the present look that i have given to my blog. 😉

The cross browser compatibility has been a major challenge for me, in so called redesigning of the blog. On my Samsung SyncMaster 226BW display monitor wherein i have a 1680 x 1050 resolution, SharatJaswal.com seems to do well with all the browsers. I have tested it on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. So far so good. All looks good. However when i see my blog on my Sony Vaio Laptop,  it seems that the tab which shows “Most Popular Posts” and “Most Commented Posts” is slightly falling off the theme particularly in Internet Explorer. I am so fed up of it. I have tried so many CSS changes and coding, but i don’t seem to make it any better on lower resolution. I remember when i got this new professional/custom design for my blog way back in September 2007. I even made a preview/review post about the design back then. At that time, i got the design coded by Dr. Gauresh. I just can’t find him online anymore. Else it would have been easy for him to sort out this problem. I am not sure anymore if i could take care of this problem by myself. So yes, if you can provide any assistance, help, support in fixing this issue, i will be more than thankful.

I also noticed a “stack overflow”error which popped up in Internet Explorer every time a single post page was opened. The error cause came out to be the comment page. If i had 10 comments on a post, then that post when viewed in IE, would pop up 10 error pop up windows. Fortunately, searching for the solution wasn’t difficult as it seems that many blogger’s face the same problem. So i took care of that as well.

Social Bookmarking icons was another thing i concentrated on this time. You may have noticed the new icons beneath every post. It looks really cool to me. On the right sidebar, you will also notice another set of social bookmark buttons. That’s basically how you can reach me on popular social networking sites. 😉

I hope you like my new re-design on the blog. Hopefully the colors and structure of the blog has that likability factor in it. Of course if you find any bugs in design or somewhere else, then do let me know. I will be greatly thankful.

Apparently, this is the 100th post on my weblog. My maiden century in blogging. Stating the mini facts from the Admin’s dashboard, i have exactly 100 posts and 400 comments after this post. Thank you to you guys who made my frequent blogging possible. I hope to get better with time. 😀

By the way, i guess you might be wondering about the title i gave to the post. Have you heard something similar before. I think you did. “Hey…What’s up Doc?” is the punchline of the famous cartoon character “Bugs Bunny”. I just wrote the title casually until i noticed that the title sounded familiar.

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  1. Nice job dear. Cross browser compatibility is a very big problem. Whenever we open site in different browser it seem different look. It is good for your blog.

  2. Can anyone redesign my blog again nicely its ***********. Can send the final design on my email mickibu-at-yahoo.co.uk shall be hyper great full palls.

  3. Marc, i am not sure which browsers you checked my blog on and what resolution your display supports. Maybe you can be more specific when you said that “it is good for your blog”.

    CWD, I’ m sorry but i had to remove your link from the comment. A geocities site with nothing else than Adsense all over it. I cannot possibly link to it. Although i still left your email address intact so any interested designers can contact you to discuss your site’s new design. Funny thing though. Your Author name made me believe that you were a web designer. 😆

  4. As you know, I am not a great tech person and most of the things that you mention go right over my head. I just reiterate what I said in your previous post. This design is certainly an improvement over your previous one.

  5. Thanks Nicole. You know, it’s really good to see you back commenting on my blog. Kinda missed your comments for few days! 🙂

    I will try to keep my posts simpler so that every one can understand it easily.

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