Remembering Michael Jackson On His Birthday

Remembering Michael Jackson On His Birthday

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson, i really don’t think that this man needs any introduction. He is the “King of the Pop”. The most successful singer, performer and entertainer, that this world has ever known. Unfortunately he died few months back, but his magical music and dance still beholds millions of MJ fans across the world.

I still remember that as a kid, i used to follow Michael Jackson religiously. I used to imitate his style of singing,  although i was a terrible singer. But i wasn’t a bad dancer and i soon started following his footsteps. I learned the famous “Moon Walk” and i still enjoy doing it after so many years. I have been a crazy fan of his dance and singing, since last 15 years. I guess i have all his songs including the ones from Jackson 5. And i was really looking forward to his last tour “This Is It” which unfortunately could not be commenced.

Anyways, MJ’s unique contribution to the music industry and dance is unforgettable. He had been ruling the world for almost four decades. 13 Grammy Awards and 17 number one singles speaks all about his talent and popularity. “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Thriller” are probably the most popular songs ever. He truly was a genius.

Anyways, Michael Jackson was born on 29th August 1958. Today, it would have been his 51st birthday. So i guess it’s a good time to remember Michael Jackson and cherish each enjoyable moment that he has brought into our lives whether by singing or dancing.

Happy Birthday Michael Joseph Jackson!!!

I though for a while as to what MJ song should i embed in with this post. It wasn’t a difficult choice as this song titled “You Are Not Alone” is one of my favorite song. The one particular song that i like to hear when i am feeling low, depressed, upset or sad. This song always seemed to cheer me up somehow. If you haven’t heard it before, then i hope you love the song as much as i do.


Sorry, i couldn’t post the original video because it is not allowed to embed it. Some copyrights issues and stuff. You can watch it on YouTube though.
By the way, if you really want to see a crazy fan, checkout this video “You Are Not Alone Live In Munich“. The girl actually turned out to be very lucky. She even made Michael Jackson cry because of her love for him. Must watch i guess!

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  1. I am too much against child sexual abuse to forget the allegations and remember what a musician MJ was.

    Its tragic that he was murdered as they are claiming now. But i find hard to sympathize.

  2. I am sorry Shraddha, but i find it very annoying when people judge something which no law was able to prove.

    MJ was accused of child abuse but it was never proven. Even the kid couldn’t testify. If every law of the country passed him clean then i don’t think we have any rights to accuse him for the same.

    Michael Jackson gave so much to the world. I think his contribution to the world speak for him far more than what he was accused of. Nobody praises him for “USA for Africa” “Heal The World” “Black or White” “Cry”. I think you should know that MJ was a notable humanitarian who donated and raised million of dollars through support of 39 charities and his own Heal the World Foundation. With so much donations he really must have saved lives of thousands of children. That should really count for something. I am sorry but i would have to say that i find it a little lame to accuse him and disrespect him. 🙁

  3. I don’t agree with you Shraddha, all these accusations were merely an attempt to mix the name of Michael Jackson with shit. And those who spread these rumors were miserable envious of Michael, who were trying to earn some money!

  4. Michael Jackson is a legend, what he did for this world no one will ever do. He let us his legacy of music and dances which will be remebered long time from now on. Sharrada your comment is irelevent, because that is only your opinion, but if none of the acusations were proven you only may presume that he is innocent.
    Anyway lots of the ppl in the world cried for the man who was Michael Jackson, on his birthday.

  5. I am not a great fan of MJ. This is my personal taste. It cannot however be denied that he was extremely popular as an entertainer. The way he died should not happen to anybody.

  6. I agree with both of you guys, Justin and Nunta.
    Nicole, of course it’s a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with it. I appreciate your comment and sympathies for MJ. Thanks

  7. It has now been decided by the coroner’s court that it was homicide! What a pity!

  8. Well Nicole to be honest i do not know if can be called homicide. Because those drogs were for his shape and i am not sure if Michael didn’t take them on his own responsability. of course the doctor shouldn’t prescribe them but…let be honest how many can say they were MJ personal medic.

  9. I love Michael and will stay alive in my heart.I was so sad when he died but that’s the life.

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