Amazon Prime QuizWeek Answers To Win INR 10,000
Amazon Prime QuizWeek

Amazon Prime QuizWeek Answers To Win INR 10,000

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Amazon India just came up with the new QuizWeek today. You stand a chance to win 10,000 bucks if you answer all of the questions correctly.

First thing first. This quiz is only available on Amazon App. So you can download one from here if you haven’t already done that.

So you will need to open the App, and on the very top, there will be an orange banner mentioning the Prime Quizweek. You will need to answer all the 5 questions in order to qualify for the prize of INR 10,000. So here we go:

Amazon Prime QuizWeek Answers

Question 1: What’s the name of India’s first Amazon Original Series?
Answer 1  :  Inside Edge

Question 2: Which of these is NOT an Amazon Original series?
Answer 2  :  F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Question 3: Who among these is NOT a member of the cast/crew of the Amazon Original series Inside Edge?
Answer 3  : Abhishek Bachchan

Question 4: All Prime members get free access to Prime Video?
Answer 4  : True

Question 5: The Prime Day Sale 2017 starts at 6 PM on 10th July?
Answer 5  : True


Congratulations!!! If you answer these, you can be the lucky winner of today’s QuizWeek.

Yesterday, the QuizWeek puzzle was for a brand new One Plus 5. I did participate and got all the answers right, but I am sorry I didn’t plan ahead about the Quiz and didn’t jot down the questions. Apparently, this is Amazon Prine QuizWeek Quiz # 3. I missed one myself. Nonetheless, I hope I was able to help you guys with this one. Cheers!

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