Amazon Prime QuizWeek Answers To Win INR 500
Amazon India Prime QuizWeek 500

Amazon Prime QuizWeek Answers To Win INR 500

Hello, everyone. So today is the fifth edition of Amazon Prime QuizWeek competition by Amazon India. The prize money is ?500 only. Some of you might think it’s a small amount but still, I think you should participate, regardless of the amount.

So first of all, I hope you all have already downloaded the Amazon App. If not, then…. Why??? You should download it already from here: Amazon App. Available for both iOS and Android.

Next, open the app and navigate to the top banner that mentions the Amazon Prime QuizWeek Contest. And then answer 5 simple questions and you’re done.

Amazon QuizWeek # 5 Answers (7th July 2017)


Question 1: Which of these is NOT an offer Prime members shopping on Prime day are eligible for?

Answer: Free lifetime supply of chocolates

Question 2: How many countries is Prime Day 2017 simultaneously going live in?

Answer: 13

Question 3: Prime members save with unlimited FREE fast deliveries all year long. What is the cost of Two-day delivery for orders on Amazon for non-prime members? ?

Answer: Rs. 80 per order

Question 4: Only Prime members can avail Prime day offers

Answer: True

Question 5: When does the Prime Day Sale 2017 start?

Answer: July 10, 6pm

You know. I really participating in such quiz and contests. And today, I am absolutely gutted. I was in my sleep when I tried to answer the questions. When I was answering Question 2, by mistake I hit the circle before the correct answer, so my answer was registered as the wrong answer, and I was not eligible to qualify.

Amazon India Prime QuizWeek Answers 500

But Congratulations to you guys. You’re now eligible to win ?500 as Amazon Pay balance. There will be a total of 200 winners for this contest and the result will be announced on 30th July 2017. I hope you are one of them. Have a nice day!

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