How To Block Promotional SMS Like AM, DM, VM That Are Not Blocked By DND

How To Block Promotional SMS Like AM, DM, VM That Are Not Blocked By DND

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We thoroughly discussed as to what is DND and how to activate Do Not Disturb in India on your mobile number. For reference, here is that article again >> How to Activate DND in India and Block Those Spammy Marketing Calls & SMS.

There are however SMS that are not unsolicited. In fact, these SMS companies have your consent to send you promotional SMS. It’s when you shop at your favorite brands or when you eat at your favorite eateries, the staff will ask for your feedback along with your Name and contact number and email address. This is exactly the moment when you become a part of their marketing system as they store your mobile number in their customer database and thus begin the downpour of the offers and promotions on your cell phone via SMS. These SMS usually have a prefix of AM, DM, VM, IM, AD, MD, VK, AP, HP, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of these annoying SMSĀ serviceĀ in one go. It’s very painful to do it individually as well. You will need to contact each and every store, via SMS, or call, email or in person. Luckily, our society consists of some helpful people who carry down the information gathered for others to avail as well. Thanks to such people. we have the following bit of information that I would like to share with you. The list is in chronological order sorted by alphabet, for your convenience.

How To De-Register/Block Promotional SMS That Are Not Blocked By DND?

Type “DOM UNSUB” and SMS to 5607061

Type “LEAVE” and SMS to 9243000111
or Give Them A Miss Call at 08033509017

Give Them A Miss Call at 08067006005

Type “LENS” and SMS to 567678

Type “MMTSTOP” and SMS to 56161

Type “stopmyntrasms” and SMS to 9902099020
or Give Them A Miss Call at 08067006917

Contact OlaCabs On Twitter and They Will Unsubscribe Your Number. Twitter Link: OlaCabs

Contact PizzaHut On Twitter and They Will Unsubscribe Your Number. Twitter Link: PizzaHutCares

Type “STOP” and SMS to any UBER SMS you received
or Contact Uber On Their Website and They Will Unsubscribe Your Number

Type “NOSMS” and SMS to 56161

I will keep on adding more to this list until we get all possible brands that send promotional SMS on regular basis. If you know of some more brands or services then feel free to share with us via the comment section below. We will really appreciate all the help we can get. TIA

Please Note, AM, DM, etc messages from your financial institutions, like banks, insurance companies, etc. should not be unsubscribed from. These SMS provide information to you like your bank balance, overdue payments, ATM withdrawals, and similar important notifications. They are really important and you should keep them as such.

Also, you will get some promotional messages from stores or services that you have never heard of. Like weight loss programs, or Property for sale. You surely didn’t give your consent to these institutions but they got your number from some partner programs. For example, you sign up for offers from a new restaurant that you visited. That restaurant has its customers’ database sharing going on with its partner program. And your number is circulated to various stores and services that you might not even know of. These people bulk SMS to the entire database. It may be nearly impossible for you to backtrace as to where they got the number from. So in these cases, it is best to contact them via their website or Twitter or FB page and ask them to remove your number.

Lastly, as far as email marketing goes, it’s the easiest to block your email id from them. In the end of every such marketing/promotional email, you will see the golden words “UNSUBSCRIBE”. Follow the link and fill in your email id, if required. That would remove your ID from their database immediately. Works like a charm.

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  1. Well this is a wonderful post… I wish there was a single point to unsubscribe all of these promotional messages.

  2. How to block the messages comes from BW-BIGBZR, and from HP Gas, Bharat Gas etc where i do not have any gas connection.

  3. Hi Dillip
    Try using TrueCaller. Whenever you get an SMS, just block it from TrueCaller. You will need to make it your default messaging app though.

  4. Use sms organizer messaging app by Microsoft. It has a separate tab for all those promotional sms. It doesn’t show any notification for theme messages. Only the notification count on your app badge increases. once in a while you can delete all promotional sms at one click.
    P. S. It does have a separate tab for transaction sms which includes your bank transaction messages.

  5. I am writing to individual smaller stores to get rid of this nuisance. Tried the full DND by Vodafone. All the complaints I have registered so far have been responded to as if the data (content of SMS, provided header) does not match with TRAI database . It is shocking and surprising considering I have valid proofs (the text in my inbox). One would assume that in today’s day and age, submission of screenshots should be allowed and validated.
    Really exasperated with this service.

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