Airtel Broadband New Plans This Diwali
Airtel Broadband Plans

Airtel Broadband New Plans This Diwali

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Airtel India has come up with new plans this month. With data benefits ranging up to 2000 GB at a maximum speed of 40 Mbps, these plans are sure to raise the bar with the competition. The now, reduced affordable prices makes the deal even sweeter.

Airtel V-Fiber now offers you superfast broadband with unlimited free calls. These plans start at INR 799 and go up to INR 3599. Please be noted that these plans are not on their website yet, however you can mail them at mentioning your broadband DSL number along with your name and the plan that you want to opt for. Here is the corresponding table that Airtel sent me for the new plans.

Monthly Rental Data Benefits Maximum Speed* Speed After Consumption of Plan Data Bonus Data 

Loyalty Bonus**

799 100 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 500 GB
999 200 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 750 GB
1199 300 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 1000 GB
1399 400 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 1000 GB
1799 600 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 1000 GB
2099 800 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 1000 GB
2599 1200 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 1000 GB
3599 2000 GB 40 Mbps 1 Mbps 1000 GB
* I am getting 40 Mbps in my area. However actual speed will depend on the network feasibility of your area.
** Loyalty Data is valid until 31st March 2018.


The annoying thing about Airtel is, that they will not inform their customers regarding new plans. For example, my uncle is still on a plan where he is getting 80GB for INR 1599. A plan that existed probably in the year 2015. No one from Airtel informed him since he was using lesser data and paying more rental. When you call the customer care telling them that this has happened, they will respond like, “Arrey Sir, You should have called us”. Is it not Airtel’s duty to inform the customer about the new rentals as and when they come into existence? And don’t even think of any case of refund or settlement in this regard. After all, you are the one who is wrong in their eyes. Why would they compensate for something that you didn’t do except for paying heaps of extra rental for so many years?

I was paying a rental of INR 2499, for 275 GB of data, plus another 10 GB since I have a postpaid connection of Airtel as well. Now, after I called Airtel customer care, my plan has been changed to the rental of INR 1199 for 310 GB. So basically, if I had been aloof and unaware of this plan change, I would have been paying them INR 1400 extra every month. That’s more than double of what I will pay right now. Crazy!!! Isn’t it? I am into this computers/web development field, so I frequently check up on the plans, but when I think of those retired people who are not so computer savvy, paying up so much money, I really feel bad for them. This annoys me a lot. I think it’s really unprofessional and immoral from Airtel India.

Coming onto the Airtel Broadband speed. I am lucky to have access to 40 Mbps speed in my area. Another couple of miles from here, my friend is getting access to maximum speed of only 24 Mbps. Few miles more down that road, my uncle is getting a maximum speed of 8 Mbps. This is bizarre for a company of such stature. Now, if you really want to take on your competitors like Jio, you need to get your infrastructure up-to-date across the states/country.

The maximum speed if you manage to use up all your bandwidth data is 1 Mbps in the new plan. It’s pretty low but I can understand that few people might take advantage of free data post bandwidth use if it was any higher. I am just glad it’s not 256 Kbps which was the earlier speed in the old plan. Forget, streaming a video, even opening a simple website page would take minutes to fully load. So we are thankful for that.

Lastly, we have the Bonus Data. This is a huge gift from Airtel to their loyal customers (at least that’s what I was told). I got 1000 GB worth of data valid for the whole year. If I somehow consume up my bandwidth within a month, then I will start using this extra 1000 GB. And whatever is left of it when the cycle changes, will be carried over to the next month, along with your bandwidth. So basically, I don’t think I will need to conserve my data anymore. I don’t see how I can use up all this data, even with streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime and the likes on my smart TV.

One of my friends was told that he will no longer be getting the unlimited free local and STD calls from his landline number anymore, after switching to this plan. You might want to confirm this. I did not confirm it because I do not have a landline instrument, never used one. I have the same facility on my cell phone, so, I don’t require it. If you do use a landline phone, then ask for the top up. They might include it for free in the package. That’s what my friend did 😉

Airtel might have issues with their unethical approach towards certain things but when it comes to raising the bar with the offers to its customer (both new and old), I think Airtel surpasses its rivals with ease. Not once till now, I have been inclined to join Jio Network or any other cellular or Broadband company. We all face connection stability issues and router problems (Read: Airtel Beetle 777VR1 Router Issues), but still Airtel ranks on top for me at present. And these plans are just the icing on the cake. If you like these plans then get them changed immediately. Call customer care or mail them asking for the change.

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