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Airtel VDSL Router Beetel 777VR1 Modem & FTP Connection Problems

Airtel India has recently started upgrading all of its old infrastructures to fiber cable structures in the major cities of India. It’s not a direct fiber per se, but rather what Airtel calls it as a V-Fiber network. They have basically upgraded from ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) To VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line). In simpler terms, it means Super fast speeds. Yay!!

I will like to call it the Reliance Jio effect, that Airtel finally stopped minting money off its customers and started providing some real service that the people of India deserved. They had the technology way back, and they had the infrastructure, but they lacked the will to provide the best to its customer. Making money was not only their top priority but their only priority. Ever since Reliance Jio came into existence, a broadband war has commenced. Airtel, after years of duping its customers, finally, started providing quality services at the appropriate price. And we the customers, couldn’t be happier. In this broadband war, the winners have been the customers. Super fast speeds of 40mbps downloads and 16mbps uploads are pretty awesome. Unlimited free calls and strong wifi across your home or workplace just make the whole package super satisfactory.

Unfortunately, your old ADSL modems won’t work anymore, no matter how good or new they are. You will have to upgrade to a VDSL modem. Airtel made that easy for you. They are providing two different modems. One is a good-looking Huawei HG360A VDSL Modem and the other sibling is the ugly-looking Beetel 777VR1 Modem. They sell them for Rs. 1000 each payable in 5 easy installments which will be reflected in your bill. I got the ugly Beetel 777VR1 Modem from Airtel since they were facing a shortage of the Huawei modem. Whichever one you get, the executive will say it’s better than the other one. That’s marketing 101. Anyways, FYI, if you get the option, go for Huawei HG360A Modem since it has a much more stable connection and an extra USB port. Plus, all network devices DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) at Airtel’s central hub and offices are of the brand Huawei. The same company means better communication between the devices. My Beetel modem drops connections much more often than I like. So Huawei, hands down, is the better modem among the two.

FTP Connection Refused

Moving on to the FTP connection problems that I faced. It so happened that I moved my web hosting to a new hosting provider around the same time that I upgraded my Airtel connection. Ever since I have been unable to use FTP clients like FileZilla or SmartFTP. I created numerous tickets with my new web hosting, trying to figure out the reasons behind the problem. We checked and cross-checked all the FTP settings, IP Addresses, DNS Configurations, etc. Checked my computer’s firewall settings too. But nothing seemed to work. All I kept getting was this error:

Status: Connecting to www. domain...
Response:   fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
Command:    open "username@www. domain" 22
Error:  ssh_init: Host does not exist
Error:  Could not connect to server>

Finally, I got the breakthrough last week when I gave the benefit of doubt to my new web host and thought, what if the hosting is not the problem? What if it has to do something with my router instead? So, I started the diagnosis with my Beetel 777VR1 modem. Sure enough, the problem lay with this modem. The router blocked any FTP connection from taking place. It’s stupid and silly and I have never seen anything like this in ages. Nonetheless, there is an easy fix for those of you facing the same problem.

Login to the admin panel of your router, usually it’s

Click on Advanced Tab >> NAT >> ALG >> Enable FTP

FTP Problem Airtel Beetel 777VR1

That’s it. Just log out and start using your FTP software. No need to reboot the modem. It’s that simple.

If you have some other modem, then browse through the sections where you will find similar features and enable FTP from there. I know it’s silly. FTP should have been enabled by default. I do not know why they decided to disable it. Perhaps smarter people would know that.

If you have any questions that I can help you with then please leave your comment below. I will try to provide the solution and answer back at the earliest. Thanks!!

P.S. I love my new web hosting. The hosting is par excellence and the support staff is really helpful (which always is the top priority before seeking a new web host). You can try them too if you want. They are Host4Geeks. Do check them out.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products or services that I use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own and unbiased. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, lead me to earn a small commission. And I am very grateful for that, as it helps me to run my family. Thanks!

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  1. Rakesh

    Thanks a lot Sharat, No doubt it’s a dumb router and being a system admin i spent around an entire day to figure this Router shit…and i only had this command panel to work on…surprisingly, it was just stupid router’s fault..

  2. Sharat Jaswal

    I was really frustrated myself, trying to figure the answer. Glad I could be of some help.

  3. AB

    Hi, Airtel has upgraded my connection to VdSl and provided me with a Dlink DSL 224 model but the connection keeps breaking up. On repeated complaints They say change your router to Beetel 777 as it works better for Mac products since am having a major issue of my mac air and Mac Pro connecting to the net- just keeps searching for the Internet. They say they do not have a Huawei modem and my choice is now to get the Beetel one put as Dlink doesn’t work well with Mac. Could u shed some light on this issue and help please.

  4. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi AB,

    I haven’t got my hands on the D-Link model yet. But there are hardly any modems out there, that are not compatible with Macs. That being said, I would recommend you to cold boot Your device, so that it is able to recognize the new hardware properly. Or probably if you can check if the modem software is updated to the latest version (i doubt it will be any old version though)

    As for Airtel guys, they are clueless as to what modem offers what benefits. If any modem does not work, their go to answer is to switch the modem to another brand. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    I work on Windows but my brother uses Macbook and iMac on the same network. We are using the Beetle 777VR1 modem and we faced no issues at all. It’s okay if you want to change it to other brands. All should work just fine.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Bikash Shukla

    Hey Sharat, thanks for the blog post. I am moving to D-Link shortly since I was frustrated with Beetel. Have you tried port forwarding on any of these modems? There were applications which I was running on my older ADSL2+ modems but these new VDSL routers seem to have changed the port forwarding UI to something really complicated. Any help regarding port forwarding would be really appreciated!

  6. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Bikash

    Sorry, I haven’t done port mapping myself, but I have a bit of idea on where the setting might be in. Under “Advanced” tab, there is a menu item named “NAT” >> “Virtual Server”. This is probably what you are looking for. If not, then I might have come out as completely dumb. Lol. Hope it helps.

  7. Naresh Mudani

    Hi Sharat, Just wanted to know the specs of Beetle 777VR1, what is the WiFi Speed for this router is it 100Mbps or more.

  8. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Naresh

    No, It is not. The company might claim the same, but on my devices, it shows 72Mbps. The router Beetle 777VR1 is really a troublesome device. I have started facing connection drops on daily basis with the Wi-fi. And the range is not impressive at all.

  9. Ajit

    My AIRTEL VDSL beetel moden dont allow me to run banking apps or any high security apps such as ICICI app, AXIS app. SBI app. CITI app. JIO CINEMA. JIO TV. Umang app. Yahoo mail dont send receive in gmail app. Irctc in chrome. And many more.

    All these apps work best using my Jio mobile data or vodafone mobile data. All theses apps was working best in same airtel ADSL modem.

    I asked airtel abt these but i think they r not telling the truth.

    Please help me to configure airtel VDSL modem

  10. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Ajit

    It looks like your modem is having problems with HTTPS websites or Apps. S at the end of HTTP refers to Secure. So the connection between your browser and apps/websites that are encrypted have that protocol. Now for such connections to take place, your router has to permit such secure connection. It can be a port or a setting. It will be very difficult for me to pinpoint this.
    The best way forward is to threaten Airtel about disconnecting your number, so that they can take you very seriously. They don’t like losing customers. Thereafter you can either get the problem resolved from an expert who will visit your home, or you can get the modem changed.
    If you want to compare some settings then let me know. My Modem/Apps/Website works perfectly fine.

  11. Vince

    Facing frequent disconnections, like maybe every 5-10 mins with the same Airtel router. Any idea what could be the issues/know of a fix?

  12. Sharat Jaswal

    Airtel has bit more than they can chew. In order to compete with Jio, Airtel has offered dirty cheap plans and services. Problem is, that they do not have the infrastructure to match the demand they created. Now, They are upgrading the network and infrastructure, but I guess they do not have enough manpower.
    I am facing slow internet problems, and mind you, I make Airtel engineers run to make my work done on daily basis. I would suggest that you take up the matter with social media team. On twitter there handle is
    Go on there and post a complaint. Be harsh, warning them about disconnection and get your work priority. They may not completely solve the problem but atleast you will be a bit satisfied.

  13. V Srikantan

    Dear Mr.Jaswal,

    I have a Airtel broadband connection which was changed to VDSL from ADSL around 25th of last month with 777VR1 modem and the internet is expected to have download speed of 40Mbps.

    Since then I have checked the speed using the website using both server and Bharti Airtel server about 80 times till today through wifi. Only on about 8 occasions the download speed was between 34&42 Mbps and at all other times it was about 20Mbps only when the speed was checked from my laptop which has Windows 10 o/s.

    However. when the speed is checked from the same website through my Andriod phone it clocks a speed between 37& 43.

    As per my request, the service Engineer brought his laptop with Windows 7 o/s and when checked simultaneously on both laptops, his with Win 7 showed a much higher speed than mine with Win 10. He suggested that I should get my laptop checked.

    When I took my laptop to an authorized HP service center they told me that VDSL technology does not interface with Win 10 as it is meant for the older o/s . He suggested that I should ask the Airtel engineer to bring a laptop with Win 10 and then he will realize what he said earlier was incorrect..

    Can you through some light on this matter?. Is it correct that VDSL speed will be inconsistent in Win10 as compared to Win 7 o/s laptops?

    Your input will be helpful to sort out this issue.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Chennai 600028
    9841209611 mob

  14. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Mr. V.Srikantan,

    I highly doubt that the speed has to do anything with the version of operating system. Windows 10, in all aspects, is better and faster from Windows 7 as it was developed with all the latest technology and user requirements for the present times.

    The fact that the engineer got true speed on his laptop and your laptop showed slower speeds was merely because of some software/settings that you might have on your laptop, that would be interfering with the speed test.

    Check your browser extensions too. The most common case I have experienced is that people turn on proxy service or VPN service to unblock websites or to hide their IP’s and they don’t turn it back off. This really hampers the speed of the websites and makes the whole surfing experience extremely slow.

    You might need to disable extension one by one to check which particular extension or setting is slowing down the internet on your laptop. Do the same with your software as well. If nothing works, then you might need to restore windows. Good luck!!

  15. Abha

    I am unable to use FileZilla ftp after installing Airtel 4G Hotspot (4 G Mifi router). I have searched the web many times and contacted Airtel but did not found any solution. Today I have found your article. But did not find advanced tab on my login page ( Where is Advanced Tab and where is NAT ALG settings? Could you help?

  16. Sharat Jaswal

    Hello Abha,
    The advanced Tab is right below the Beetle logo. Top bar. When you click on “Advanced” tab, you will see the submenu on the left side of the page. Just follow the instructions post that. Hope that helps

  17. Abha

    On my login page, I have the following tabs:
    Home, WLAN Clients, SMS, Phonebook, USSD, Update, Settings, SD Card, and Check 4G Usage.
    I have opened each tab and its each sub menu but did not find Advanced Tab of NAT-ALG settings.

  18. Sharat Jaswal

    Oh…That does not seem to be the right page. Looks more like USB Dongle settings for a 4G device. Are you sure you are using Beetle 777VR1 router?

  19. Abha

    I said I am using Airtel 4G Hotspot (4 G Mifi router).

  20. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Abha
    I really want to help but I don’t know about the settings for Mifi router. I would suggest you check your firewall settings as well. Have you tried contacting Airtel support for the same?

  21. Bhairav

    Hello Sharat

    I have the famous 777VR1 router at my home but there are several places where the wifi signal is weak to non-existant.

    Is there any way that I can use a second wifi router in the medium reception areas and extend the range of wifi signal from 777vr1 ?

    thanks in advance

  22. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Bhairav,
    What you are actually looking for, is a WiFi extender. You might want to check this out: TP-Link WiFi Extender (Link). This is the one I use myself.

  23. Anoop KR

    Thank you very much.

  24. Shankar

    Thank you

  25. Sri

    Hi, I am unable to connect to Wifi network on my office laptop via VPN connection with this new Airtel VDSL Beetel Router.
    I am able to connect to home laptop and mobile. Could you please tell me what setting changes has to be changed in the Router page
    I called Airtel 121 and field engineer visited but no use. They all accepted that they do not how to fix.

  26. Sharat Jaswal

    Sri, Try this on your laptop:
    Open Device Manager
    Find Network Adapters
    Uninstall WAN Miniport (IP), WAN Miniport(IPv6) and WAN Miniport (PPTP).
    Click Action > Scan for hardware changes

    The adapters you just uninstalled should come back. Just try connecting again.

    If that does not work, then try this:
    Open the Control Panel (the traditional one)
    Go to "Internet Options"
    Go to the "Connections" tab
    Select your VPN in the list and click "Settings"
    Click "Properties"
    Go to the "Security" tab
    Select "Allow these protocols" and check the MS-CHAP v2 option.

    Let me know if this works for you!

  27. Sri

    Hi Sharat , Thanks much for the reply, However since this is my office laptop i dont have Admin rights and it is giving a message “You are logged on as a standard user.You must be logged on as an administrator to make changes ”

    Airtel have suggested to disable some settings in Beetel Router page ( while connecting to Office VPN Network in the initial setup guide however Engineer missed the while doing initial setup and i am not able to get the information again
    i guess below , please advice the exact settings to be disabled
    Beetel Router –>Setup–> WAN –>Security–> Wireless Security Setup –>Encryption

  28. Sri

    VPN is not listed in the Internet Options–> Connections Tab in the Office Laptop

  29. Sharat Jaswal

    Sri, This is going to be a problem. I have switched over to the Airtel 100mbps network, just a week back. Even though I still have the Beetel 777VR1 unit, I have no way to plug it in, since all the cables have been upgraded to the optic fiber at my home. However, I would like to suggest that you visit a colleague/friend’s place, who have the same router. Try to connect your laptop to their network using VPN and see if it works.

    Also, try adding the VPN via the traditional method (Internet Options>>Connections>>Add VPN) and then check the settings.

    In the new Windows 10 method, you would need to go to Settings>> Network & Internet >> VPN and then select your VPN. Scroll down and select “Change Adapter Settings”. You should now be able to see the VPN connection that you’ve set up. Right click on your VPN icon and select Properties. Click on the Security tab and ensure the option Allow these protocols are selected and Microsoft Chap Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2) is checked. Save and see if it makes any difference.

  30. Sandeep

    Thanks for your fix. Worked for me!
    Awesome post!

  31. Zohar Khan

    Thank you! I was really frustrated. Today, airtel have changed my router. And suddenly my FTP stooped working. I tried to find solution, disabled antivirus, firewall etc. but nothing worked. I was searching for the solution on google, and found your page. ah, now FTP is working. Thank you again.

  32. Steve

    Thanks man! it worked for me, you are a life saver. It was bugging me for many days.

  33. Santosh

    Thanks Sharat.It resolved. You are supercool

  34. Martin

    Sir is it safe to keep enable FTP option? can any one access our router using FTP ?

  35. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Martin, Anyone can access your FTP, so it’s always best to keep it secured by using a strong password. That’s pretty much all you can do. And yes, keep the FTP options enabled.
    I haven’t faced any problem with that whatsoever.

  36. Brij

    Thanks for the info, Was cracking my head, after Airtel replaced my old bricked modem. FTP was not accessible from home. after visiting this page, its accessible now. 😛

  37. Viraj Pradhan


    I have recently got an Airtel internet V-Fibre connection,though I have not disconnected my MTNL broadband service.
    They have given me the Dragon Path Technologies’s 777VR1 router.
    As of now,there aren’t any problems faced but if I need to get the best router,which one would you advocate? I am using Dd-lINK router with my MTNL broadband connection.It’s the cable faults which cause the MTNL frequent disruptions and not the router,per se. Can the D-Link be coupled with my p.c. with Airtel connection,without informing the Airtel Co.? This router is toughened for security.
    You have advocated Huawei router,which I do note. Can the 777VR1 also can be toughened similarly?

    Please feel free to post your response to my email,that will be better.


  38. Amit

    Hello Sharat

    I can see Bikash Shukla did ask about this and you did tell him about Virtual server but that does not seem to work with Beetle 777VR1 router. I was using d link dsl -2750 u till today when airtel upgraded this to VSDL. I had like 16-17 internal websites hosted on internal IIS installed on internal computer and also i access my computers via remote desktop from my home. But it is not working with Beetle 777VR1 router. I tried all settings in Nat>Virtual server but nothing worked. Did it work for Bikash ? Can you please or anyone can help if they know whether Beetle 777VR1 router Virtual server does work not?

  39. Rahul Dev

    Hi Sharat,

    May I know customer rating for overall broadband services including pre & post installation? About technical & commercial support?

  40. Sharat Jaswal

    Hey Rahul.

    Honestly, I don’t have any problems with Airtel in the recent past. I don’t remember the last time I rebooted my modem.
    The last technical assistance I needed was regarding a damaged cable and Airtel technicians showed up within 2 hours after I registered the complaint. They changed the wire promptly and told me it was absolutely free. Pretty happy with the service.
    The only downside at the moment is that when they lower the cost of their plans, they do not notify you. You are not automatically switched to the new plan and you will continue to be billed on the previous rates.
    Obviously there may be some problems in some remote areas or newly developed areas, but I am fully satisfied at the moment with services in my area.
    If any problem does come up, all I have to do is to contact Airtel via Twitter. Their social team is quick and provides good resolutions.

  41. Satheish

    You are a savior. I was breaking my head because of this issue. Thank you so much.

  42. Zewarrior

    Can someone help me setting up QOS on this modem? I need to limit the bandwidth of wifi connected devices. I know where the QoS settings are but its got too many tabs to fill. Can’t find any manual for this device as well. Help!

  43. Bhupesh

    When i check mark the ftp option than my ftp is working but after sometime my modem have hanged than internet and ftp not working. may be my net speed is too high like 40 mbps and modem not compatible with this speed…after enable ftp modem hanged..without ftp my internet working very smoothly. What should i do?

  44. Sharat Jaswal

    Hi Bhupesh. I have upgraded my modem since I switched to a 300mbps plan. I recommend you do the same. Airtel will provide the modem to you.
    As for now, please make sure that you are logging in to the modem as an administrator and not as a user. I have not come across a problem where enabling FTP will hang a modem. I do not believe that speed has something to do with it. Perhaps there is some other setting that’s conflicting with FTP settings. Maybe resetting some values to default will help with this scenario. Please note down the current values provided by Airtel, etc, before resetting them to default. Hope that helps

  45. Chandhan

    Hi Sharat,

    Is there any facility for the 777VR1 modem to be switched off, go idle for like 5 mins and switch on automatically everyday.

    Thanks in advance !!!

  46. Anurag

    Thanks alot.. it saved a lot of time and effort.

  47. Albert

    Hello sir,
    Due to some emergency i got this router (it was the only model left) i am using railwire optical fiber internet with 100mpbs plan the problem is while using the devices using wifi there are frequent disconnecting of the internet when i check the wifi settings it says connected without internet and after some time i am again connected with the internet.

    Can you please tell me if it a problem with this router or the isp.

  48. Sharat Jaswal

    Hello Albert
    I never had such a problem with this modem. The good thing about it was the consistency of the signal. I am unable to replicate such an error so I won’t be able to help. Also, I have not heard of your internet provider, so I cannot comment on their services either. Perhaps, call up your neighbors or friends who are using this service and ask them if they are facing similar issues. If not, then replace your modem with someone for couple of days. That would clarify if the problem is with the modem or your ISP.

  49. Shivansh

    Hello Chandhan ,
    I am unable to port forward this 777vr1 router. I did all settings on virtual server for forwarding port like setting up wan and LAN port but when i used to check the open port using open port checker it always says port is closed (i am sure its not giving wrong result). Please Help me to Fix it.

  50. Siva

    Great R&D. Thanks a lot

  51. Rajat Rana

    That saved my life man, Thanks a ton!!!
    I was also wondering if there is any issue with my new Airtel connection. Because it is working fine when i switched to my neighbor Wi-Fi connection. Haha.

    This setting worked as expected. FTP working now.

  52. Ankit Gupta

    You nailed it bro. Any idea how can I reset the channel selection to auto.
    I manually set the channel to 13 using telnet. Now I don;t know the command to set it to auto.

  53. Hariprasath

    @Shivansh use WAN interface as any in Virtual Server creation to solve port forwarding problem

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