Amazon PrimeQuizWeek Answers To Win INR 1,000
Amazon India Prime QuizWeek 4

Amazon PrimeQuizWeek Answers To Win INR 1,000

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Amazon India is back with the fourth Quiz in this Amazon India QuizWeek. This time around you stand¬†a chance to win the prize of ?1,000 Amazon Pay balance. All you have to do is open your Amazon App and check out the top banner which says QuizWeek Contest. Answer these 5 simple questions whose answers I have already written. And you’re done.

Yesterday’s Amazon QuizWeek¬†featured a prize money of ?10,000. If you missed that chance, here is another chance for you. If you have still not downloaded the Amazon App, then you can do so Here. All the best!

Amazon QuizWeek # 4 Answers (6th July 2017)

Question 1: How many free deliveries do Prime members get?

Answer: Unlimited

Question 2: Which of these is NOT a service offered to Prime Members for families with babies?

Answer: Free nanny service.

Question 3: How much would it cost to purchase a one-year Prime membership today?

Answer: ?499

Question 4: Only Prime members can avail Prime day offers

Answer: True

Question 5: The Prime Day Sale 2017 starts at 6 PM on 10th July

Answer: True


Amazon India Prime QuizWeek Answers 4

Congratulations! You are eligible to win ?1,000 as Amazon Pay balance. The winners of all the Quiz will be announced on 30th July 2017. You can visit again tomorrow for more quiz in #QuizWeek. There will be a total of 100 prizes given in this contest. I hope you are one of those lucky winners. Glad to be of some help. Have a nice day!


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