Apple’s Punch To iPhone’s Abusers

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Apple’s Punch To iPhone’s AbusersApple has done something that will surely give iPhone abusers a lot to think about. Apple is no longer selling iPhone for cash or anywhere in stores. They say they tried that and they are done with it. From today onwards, they will only accept credit or debit cards.

Okay, I guess this will be a sad news to people who used to quickly resell iPhones to make profits. Since few weeks, resellers have had a pretty good time. They were in brisk business, especially on eBay, where you can often see thousand or more iPhones for the grab. And yes, they never sold an iPhone less than $399, which is the usual Apple iPhone’s price. So yes, they will be hit hard by Apple’s new trick! Since credit sales will make it damn easier for Apple to track down the bulk buyers and iPhone abusers.

Good work Apple!

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