Google PageRank Update

O Boy! It's 12:00 Midnight of 27th October'07. I guess i am among the very few people who see the actual PR update happening. It's updated on just two datacenters. Huh? This updates sucks more than any other. Sigh....Google thinks they still deserve PR10. Wash your face and wake up! You have a…


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Haircut

Frankly, he is one of the few good looking guys in the Indian Cricket Team. Strong built, with long hairs down his shoulder. He looked pretty cool. As a matter of fact, he even looks better than good percentage of India movie actors. Few months back, Dhoni went for haircut. Nothing shocking, he…

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Movies This Week

Alright. It's damn friday again. Time for some new movie releases and some old continued. So what am i planning? Movies in nearby movie halls: No Smoking: I guess it would be worth watching. Not really crazy though. Jab We Met: Now that's a movie i am certainly going for. Would be fun.…

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